she is here and as those that saw her on Saturday can attest to – she is quite thin, a coat that needs some love and in sore need of a nail trim and has two healing areas on her body.

When I picked her up, she was outside in their yard and when the gate was opened she took off in a playful youthful romp. I was told that she is not let out of the yard and I was worried that she would run on to the road. I called her back and she came back to me. The Owner did not seem worried and maybe I was being a bit too worried?

She happily came to me to the car and off we went. I thought that things would be more stressful for her and the home with good-byes; yet; nothing. She was quite content to leave with me and the home was content to see her come to BHRR.

In the car when I would reach back to touch her face, she would close her eyes and wince every slightly.  I shall also look into her mouth to be sure that all is ok on that front.

What really did break my heart though was when I did get home; I let her into the fenced in yard and when I called her back after a few minutes, she did come to me…………yet; she came to me crawling on her belly………….words just cannot come properly to tell everyone how that made me feel. She was drooling and crawling. One of those times that you just want to scoop a dog up and hold close and whisper so much into their ear. Yet, the best and proper thing was 'no glass bubble', calm word of reassurance, a word or two of praise for listening, a gentle pat and hooked on to the leash I brought with me when I picked her up and walk her in a passively ignoring position and style to inside the house.

She did not eat for me until a few hours later as I was sitting working on my main computer and from there she drank and relaxed. She spent some time just laying on a bed beside me as I worked and I took her outside a couple more times before I crashed for a few hours. Another one that bonded really fast to me and being careful not to create any SA behavours. She had a good night and good Wednesday.

Today, we shall do some integration. BHRR's Cosette and BHRR's Jetta seem to be the two biggies 'nosey parkers' with her! LOL BHRR's Jersey is just not sure of all things around her right now, so nice and slow…easy and baby steps. A whole new life awaits her and we have lots of time to go down the path of discovery of so many wonderful and exciting things for her future which shall then become her present. 🙂

I am going to keep her at BHRR for a bit, get her settled in and then take her to KAH for an exam and other vetting.

I shall add more later yet was talking to some that I work with at KAH about her on Wednesday.