BHRR's Emmett-

16 week old – Fawn/Wheaton Giant Schnauzerx or Bouvierx or IWx – cannot wait to meet him!

He has prolapse, being treated for KC and one Vet thought they heard a Grade III HM(another Vet did not hear anything)

We shall fully Vet him.

ETA to BHRR Wednesday August 15th.

INFORMATION SENT OUT WAY by the Shelter Prime:

This boy is a large 4-4.5 month old puppy mixed Giant…….he is very big for 4 months.  He has no food aggression nor resource guarding.  He is not bad on leash, but will nip at your hand in play (again, no aggression at all).  He is a typical puppy who is an owner surrender because they said that he did not like the other dog in the home.  Hard to believe as he gets along well with dogs at the shelter. 

The SPCA did some further digging on the dog and contacted the vet where the dog was last seen.  The SPCA was told that he had a prolapse however no surgery required at this time and the SPCA has not had an issue.

However, he is on day 7 of meds for kennel cough (which is mild).  His stools are also soft.  He is vaccinated but not sterlized.

Because of the prolapse the shelter prefers not to put into adoption and seeking rescue or euthanasia.  As I met this boy, he has a great disposition and I think he does deserve rescue.  The only issue of course could be another re-occurance of prolapse.  All vet documents from the treating vet will be provided.
The picture does not do him justice.  He really is a very handsome/goofy looking dog.

By the way – one vet heard a grade 3 heart murmur.  The other vet rechecked and could hear nothing.  So please have your vet double check this.

BHRR's Emmett @ The Shelter