BHRR's Dozer – July 27th, 2012

He is doing really great!

Last night, he made a new integrative friend – BHRR's Cobalt! Slow yet sure steady forward progress. He has yet to be integrated with BHRR's Freedom, BHRR's Rambo, my two bluez boyz, Sir Maestro, Brick and of course Sir-Bounce-A-Lots plus our Bunker. Getting there….. 🙂 He is becoming more the boy that will turn his head and if need be walk away and if it comes down to it; he will grumble at dogs like BHRR's Jetta that become too much for him. Nothing inappropriate with that behavour at all! 🙂 We want him to be ok to express himself and not to be silent as that makes for a very dangerous situation. AND the dogs are learning to respect his space and understand more about what he likes, dislikes and needs and it si so amazing to watch all of it unfold. WHAT a gift to be able to witness this transformation…like a butterfly(A BIG ONE! LOL) coming out of their coccoon.

He DOES not bark when dogs pass his crate when his food bowl is there, he allows Sean & I to take his bowl and give him his bowl and he is sooooooooooo much better about sharing the communal water bowls. He was 'reacting' in defensiveness and fear and he is learning that no one is here to take his food, high value treats and that we share and get along and live in that harmony that I speak off so often plus he is trusting and relaxing and just learning to not just be a lovely dog but a GREAT dog! 🙂

We are also now heading into the beginning of the end of the honeymoon period and that is bringing its own 'on your toes' moments!

He has lost weight, is toning up and he continues to want BHRR's Maggie May to be his best of friends! She is not so convinced! LOL

BHRR's Dozer – July 27th, 2012