BHRR's Koop went to his new forever loving adoptive home on Sunday December 12th! This marks the #308th adoption at BHRR. πŸ™‚

BHRR`s Koop had his annual today(yes, a bit early) yet I wanted a current weight on him, to have him checked out one more time before he was adopted. He weighed a wiggly 49.4 KGS(108.68 pounds). So, probably weighs more. Sean was very helpful in driving BHRR's Koop to KAH in the truck as I was at KAH since 9 AM working and also attending to BHRR's Potter. Sean also was awesome about driving around town a wee bit with the kids as we were running behind at work due to emergencies and also the care that we were giving BHRR's Potter. Though, we close at 4 PM on Saturdays, we were there until almost 5:30 PM. Sean then took BHRR's Koop home in the truck while I stayed behind working on BHRR's Potter. Unfortunately, I had wanted to do BHRR's Koop's nails at home tonight and wash him yet that is going to be impossible as Sean plus I are tag teaming with BHRR's Potter's round the clock care. πŸ™ The great news is that BHRR's Potter made it through the day, the incredible fighter and once I grab a bite to eat plus a cuddle with both four and two legged here; I shall update his blog. It has been 48 hours since either Sean or I have had any sleep, only some mild nodding off here and there but I promise to update ASAP.

I took BHRR's Ava Marie with me when I did the hv for BHRR's Koop's possible adoption and my dogs make me so proud when I take them out in public! BOTH were amazing and BHRR's Koop is moving to an ADOPTED status. Should all go well(weather depending) he shall be adopted on Sunday. As we are expecting 63 cm of snow; we will have to play this one by ear. ADOPTED!

Due to an availability in scheduling, BHRR's Koop's annual has now been scheduled for Saturday December 11th. So curious to see how much the long legged cutie weighs now!



The BHRR ONLINE Auction shall END on Thursday December 2nd, 2010 @ 9 PM EST

This is BHRR's last organized Fundraiser of 2010 and our next planned organized Fundraiser at this time is not until July of 2011, so each penny raised will be desperately needed to allow us to keep helping animals in need of our BHRR programs.

*To donate gift certificates, baskets, handmade crafts or any other items – Email BHRR (

*We have 153 Items to date!!!!

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We are moving BHRR's Koop under a 'PENDING ADOPTION' at this time. We will update his blog as soon as we can best determine if this home is the right matched personality fit for him.

I have scheduled BHRR's Koop's Annual for Tuesday December 21st.

Our last BHRR 'EXPERIENCE' Mini Open House was held on Saturday November 13th and I wanted to share one of those photos taken of BHRR's Koop that day by one of our approved BHRR Volunteers who attended. So many cannot believe that he has not yet been adopted and so many can also not believe that it is due to his slightly different facial features THAT most of us actually do not find all that different!! πŸ™ YET, it just means that his right matched forever loving home has not yet come along. I cannot wait to get a new weight on this boy and will have to take a new height for he has spurted legs  again! LOL

BHRR's Koop is now also coming into his own with confidence and now has his 'goob' moments! YET, to see him have the confidence to act that way is very heartwarming, even if I do not like to see my toilet paper roll strewn all about the house or the blankets taken off the bed as he zoomies across/around it and YES, Great Danes of all sizes can make themselves quite compact and zoom quite effectively on beds! <rolls eyes> LOL

Our next BHRR 'EXPERIENCE' Mini Open House has been scheduled for Sunday February 12th, 2011 – first of 2011! – and if you are interested in attending, please email. We are 14 registered to date, so this is going to fill up fast. The one after February shall not be until June of 2011.

We run regular BHRR ‘EXPERIENCE’ Mini Open Houses as BHRR feels it is important for those that do support us and those that do wish to support us(Volunteer, Adopt etc.) to have the opportunity to come out and experience firsthand what BHRR is all about, visit with us and the animals plus to talk to others that come out that are already part of the BHRR ‘chain of success’ or wish to become part of BHRR. We want people to know exactly what they are supporting when they give of themselves in time and/or money. AND it is great for the dogs and horses to have so many extra hands for loving. πŸ™‚


BHRR's Koop with Don – Photo courtesy of A. Bennett – November 13th, 2010 – BHRR 'EXPERIENCE' Mini Open House

From Friday October 22nd to Friday November 5th inclusive, BHRR will not be open for adoptions or the intake of adoption applications. We do not adopt out around the Halloween season and many others Rescues, shelters, pounds etc. have also begun to follow a similar protocol to what we have been doing. We do not believe it is on the best interest of the animals in our program, especially for dark coloured dogs.

During this time, BHRR is available 24/7 as always for requests for assistance of animals in need.

BHRR is in its 3rd food crisis of 2010. We only have about 30 days worth of dog food left and we currently have 23 dogs under our authority between our BHRR Rescue/Rehabilitation Program, BHRR Adoption Program, BHRR Haven Dog Program & BHRR Foster/Perma-Foster Program.
BHRR is currently going through 600 pounds of dog food a month at a cost of a minimum of $825.00+ tax for the food.
Please consider donating to assist…. PayPal( or email transfer or check to ‘Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services’ and mail to:

Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services
C/O Gwendilin Boers
2425 Totem Ranch Road West
RR#1 Oxford Station, Ontario
K0G 1T0

September 19th, 2010$262.24 Donated to Date & 1,422.50 pounds of dog food since August 2010

I have added a new picture to BHRR’s Koop’s slideshow #22 and it was taken on August 23rd, 2010. I measured him tonight and he was 34″ at the whithers. I need to get an updated weight on him! He is tall, lanky, lean and so muscled. AND his skin feels so silky smooth to the touch. In just a few days, he shall be turning 1 and so many find it hard to believe that he is still at BHRR. There was just a recent discussion about this on my FB wall and there has been many a comment in regards to what has come BHRR’s way in inquiries about Koop over this very topic. We receive quite a few inquires on BHRR’s Koop and often they follow these lines ‘I would be so interested in Koop if it were not for his eyes’. AND then when I respond back asking for them to elaborate; I am told that it is the ‘spacing’ between his eyes that makes them ‘freaked out’ and ‘scared.’ I am like “HALLO?” ‘HUH”? ‘What about his lovely eyes?’ Well, that just means that BHRR’s Koop is not meant for them and in fact, it means that NO BHRR animal is meant for them and we will not even entertain the idea of accepting an application once that has been brought to our attention. Just when one thinks they have ‘heard’ it all and I have been in these trenches almost 25 years now….OMG! Well, BHRR’s Koop, we love your eyes and your eye spacing is just fine and we remain patient of that right matched forever loving home to see you for WHO you are and when that day comes; we will be so joyous for you! His closest friends are my Bluez Boyz…the three muskateers of mishief makers! LOL He is soooooooooooo affectionate now and no longer that half wild creature that came to BHRR.

BHRR’s Koop and his WONDERFUL Eyes/Eye Spacing – August 23, 2010

If I were to hand out ‘NAIL TRIMMING’ Awards of Excellence, it would have to be BHRR’s Storm first with BHRR’s Apollo, BHRR’s Albert, BHRR’s Ava Marie and BHRR’s Hamilton The Newf all being a close second. OMG! These dogs are extremely easy dogs to do….what a dream! Bringing up in third place would have to be BHRR’s Shiva & BHRR’s Dana and just a smidge behind them would be BHRR’s Potter. If all the dogs were that easy, I would be doing nails every week and not every 2-3 weeks! LOL Coming in 4th would be BHRR’s Windsor, BHRR’s Koop and them BHRR’s Lily Belle. BHRR’s Porridge is still a ‘work’ in progress since he had his really bad experience with that tech student. BUT, I can now do his back feet myself most days and I know in time, he will be ‘ok’ again.

For those that might not be aware, BHRR’s Ava Marie is a Great Dane that came into BHRR on March 7th weighing 191.80 pounds and had two blown cruciates. After losing almost 40 pounds, BHRR’s Ava Marie had her first cruciate repair surgery on May 21st, 2010 at Liston Animal Hospital. After then battling a case of pneumonia since June 30th; Ava Marie is now well enough to have her second cruciate repair surgery, which has been scheduled for Friday August 13th @ Liston Animal Hospital.

With all the kindness shown to date with direct donations; we now ONLY have another $1,289.25 left to raise for this surgery.

To help BHRR’s Ava Marie; she is hosting an Online Auction which began on Saturday July 31st @ 7:00 AM and will run through until Friday August 13th @ 9:00 PM EST.

Louise Peterson, Lindsay Claire, Longaberger and many other items up for grabs! To date, we have 75 items and if you would like to donate an item, please do email Gwen. The more items we have – gift cards, gift baskets, throws, custom creations or work etc., the more $ we could possibly raise for BHRR’s Ava Marie.

Funds raised shall go towards the remaining $1,309.25 needed for Ava Marie’s 2nd cruciate surgery!

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Should you prefer to make a donation instead to her Bills; even $5.00 is not too little; you can donate by email transfer to or by PayPal(account is OR you can write a check/MO or Bank Draft out to β€˜Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services’ with BHRR’s Ava in the memo section and mail to:

Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services
C/O Gwendilin Boers
2425 Totem Ranch Road West
RR#1 Oxford Station, Ontario
K0G 1T0

OR you can call Liston Animal Hospital at (613) 591-0966 to pay on Ava Marie’s Bill directly by Visa or M/C – Ava’s bill is under the account name of β€˜Ava Boers.’ Dr. Liston was the Vet that also performed both BHRR’s Jaxson’s and BHRR’s Potter’s leg amputations in 2009 plus did BHRR’s Apollo’s own cruciate/meniscal surgery on July 2nd, 2010.

Thank you so much in advance for your consideration!

We look forward in seeing many of our BHRR supporters and fans of the BHRR animals attend our 3rd ANNUAL Microchip/Nail Trim & BBQ Fundraiser being held tomorrow – Sunday July 18th!Β  8 AM – 5 PM at Kanata Animal Hospital located at 440 Hazeldean Road! *RAIN or SHINE! Pet Photos, draws including a $350USD Bracelet, Tug Ropes, Leashes, Collars, Homemade Dog Treats all part of the BHRR/KAH Experience!

BHRR’s Koop did FANTASTIC at our W.O. Mitchell E. S. community awareness speaking opportunity! He will make a great therapy dog one day. I have added new pictures to his slideshow #17- #21 and am putting 2 below. He is so affectionate!!! With BHRR’s Koop only being 7 months and that what he now mosts needs is consistency, routine with a loving firm yet kind hand plus obedience and structure; he is now AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION!!!!!

BHRR’s Porridge (2) & BHRR’s Koop (7 months) & BHRR’s Koop – April 10th, 2010

BHRR’s Koop shall be attending our community awareness speaking opportunity being held at W.O. Mitchell Public School in Kanata, Ontario tomorrow. He has been healing wonderfully and he has just excelled in his obedience training at BHRR that I think this is going to be a great testing environment for him before being placed up for adoption!

I have added 2 new pictures of BHRR’s Koop to his slideshow #15 & #16. I am so ‘diggin’ this boy! He is sooooooooo affectionate and it is so hard to take pictures of him for he likes to lean right up against me outside or inside! LOL AND if the playing gets too rough with the other dogs, he will also come and lean on you! Koop’s tail is forever wagging and wagging some more. He is such a happy boy. I am thinking that within the 10 -14 days(would like to see him here at least a month from his arrival on March 23rd, 2010) and when he is fully healed from his neuter; that he shall be placed up for adoption. What this boy needed first and foremost is structure, training and consistency that had a routine. He is SOOOOOOOOOO delightful and sweet and since Saturday night, he has not been using a crate at night. I do use one during the day and he is almost always quiet now in his crate, just when I first get home or some squeaks first thing in the morning. He has proven himself trustworthy to date yet at only 7 months, I am not going to ‘set’ him up for failure and yet continue to give him opportunities to make the right choices. He is so good about taking treats from your hand and is not a resourcer over anything to date. He shares so well with the other dogs and his ‘initial’ bravado is just that, a dog that felt he had to step up to take the leadership role and most dogs do not want that role and truly, what he really wanted was a ‘true’ leader to trust and guide him and he is so settled now that he has a clear understanding of what is expected of him. He is that perfect combination right now of personality and confidence without being over the top. He is such a kind and truly gentle boy in so many ways. His ‘recall’ is doing really well too! I am not yet ready to trust him off a leash though outside! πŸ˜‰ He loves men and women equally and gosh, with the obedience classes that he will be required to take upon his adoption per our adoption contract, he is going to make an inredible addition to someone’s home. He has the best personality and I would like to see him in a home with at least one other dog; male or female is of no matter as long as the other dog is a best matched fit for BHRR’s Koop. He has deeply benefited from having the other dogs around at BHRR to learn and be taught important rules of the house. One of his new best and closest friends is BHRR’s Shiva! They romp and zoom and have a grand ol’ time! His other closest buddy right now is BHRR’s Ava Marie. He seems to instinctively understand that she is not as mobile as his other close playmate BHRR’s Shiva and they just mouth wrestle and play while she lies down. IT is positively precious to watch them. πŸ™‚ I also have yet to take a picture that does this boy justice!!!! He is gorgeous!!!!!

BHRR’s Koop – 7 months – April 5th, 2010

BHRR Koop weighed 39.80 KGs(87.78 pounds) when Sean dropped him off this AM. Unfortunately, the poor soul had diarrhea in his run. πŸ˜₯ Additionally, he did not want to go under with our new anaesthetic machine yet after switching him to our old one, he went to la la land just fine. One of our BHRR Volunteers, dropped by KAH to pick up her winning baskets plus to drop off the baskets they put together to donate to this Basket Raffle Fundraiser and she was able to witness his whole neuter! πŸ˜€ If she had stayed longer, she could have helped me as I moved to the back to assist with IV lines, Urine via Cysto/US and SubQ fluids! Maybe she will come back another day! πŸ˜‰ Now, he is home resting and within the next couple of weeks should be placed up for adoption. Those that met Koop when I first got him and then again today, were really impressed with how far this boy has come in one week. We have virtually ‘zero’ pulling on the leash now! πŸ˜‰ I wish to also thank profusely the two people that are sending donations for BHRR’s Koop as they feel that what Julie Lebrun has done was just shameful plus dishonourable. They wish to not see BHRR stress out any more over this and to avoid having to put any more costs into this situation than has already been incurred. This is in the hands of our legal and I leave it up to them to make the ‘right’ call yet as many know, we at BHRR are not impressed and though we still maintain the status quo for assisting shelters, pounds, SPCA’s etc. with no fees charged as they are as desperate for funding as BHRR yet we will no longer waive the o/s fee for owner surrenders.

I called today to confirm BHRR’s Koop’s neuter for tomorrow and to obtain his heartworm results. He is negative for heartworm and we are confirmed for tomorrow. Sean will bring him in and I shall be there to take him home once my own shift at the Hospital is over. While he is under anaesthetic, he shall have a manicure plus pedicure! One of my Vets called to say that she agrees that he is most likely parasitic and that his why his bw came back the way it did with elevated levels plus due to him being a young growing dog. With proactive deworming he shall be fineI will bring in a fecal sample for testing after he finishes his next round of deworming in two weeks time. Once he is healed from his neuter(couple of weeks) and that I have more training put into BHRR’s Koop, he should be good to be placed up for adoption. NOTE that the training that is done at BHRR for all of our dogs does not exclude any of our approved homes from meeting the obedience clause they sign as part of their contract with BHRR. I am also microchipping him tonight when Sean arrives home.

We had major success last night! I was settling down to watch a wee bit of TV and wondered where BHRR’s Koop was, for he usually is bustling about the house and when I went to the sunroom, he was lying in his OPEN crate having a snooze! YAY! Later on in the evening, he came to see me and was almost ‘pouting’ and I followed him and he went back to his crate and BHRR’s Dana had been lying in it with CH. TAIN! LOL Koops’Β  nose was a wee bit out of joint over that. πŸ˜› AND then not long after, I go to take a look and Koop is lying all snuggled up with BHRR’s Ava Marie in the colossal crate. For those that ‘think’ that crates are a punishment, unless you are abusing your dog, it could not be further from the truth! It is their ‘den’, ‘safe’ spot and often a ‘quiet’ spot and BHRR’s Koop LOVES his crate!!!! Crates can be the best of corrective aids plus training tools. πŸ™‚ When I take out a treat before bedtime to give him, he runs to his crate, his butt can barely stay touched to the floor(we have already mastered the ‘sit’ command) as he is so excited. I wish to also mention that he is fully housebroken. As for Julie Lebrun residing in Gatineau, Quebec, his previous owner, still no word and all has been left in the hands of our legal for possible handling. Most unfortunate as she was told and legal has her address plus phone number to follow-up on if they believe it to be necessary for our focus needs to be on the animals here and we have made our position clear that should they decide to take her to court over her ‘breach’ in contract, we want our legal fees sued for as part of our settlement. We have not yet lost a case in court in the 4 times over the 14+ years we have gone and it would have been so much easier if she had just honoured her signed o/s contract with BHRR. AND yes, we are well aware that she is reading BHRR’s Koops blogs and as we believe in full disclosure, we need our public supporters to be made aware that the o/s fee was waived and that no funds have come in at all to assist us with her surrendered Dane(Cooper AKA now BHRR’s Koop) per her signed agreement. Last estimate is over $1,100+ (as we are now deworming him in addition to all the expenses previously listed in one of his other blogs) to ready him to be placed up for adoption. Moving forward, based upon this negative experience, we shall not waive any fees in ‘lieu’ of a donation on o/s and the monies will need to be paid before BHRR physically takes possession of their dog. This was not an ‘urgent’ shelter dog on death row with the shelter also ‘hurting’ for much needed funding to keep their program operating. This was a Great Dane that she decided to get despite her signed contract(another breach) with her landlord that she could not have pets in her residence. BHRR was very supportive plus flexible in helping her ASAP(within the 48 hour) timeline she was given by her landlord. She was made aware how much every bit helps our program and why we even have an o/s fee and that with 22 Great Danes awaiting their court case set for today PLUS that we have done 2 leg amputations since last fall PLUS that we are now working so hard to assist BHRR’s Ava Marie with her 2 blown cruciates; finances are beyond strained in our reputable/quality program(s) at BHRR.

I have added new pictures #9 – #14 to BHRR’s Koop’s slideshow and I am also adding two below. It has been very hard capturing the best shots of him but I have a couple of his cute mug! LOL He has mastered the ‘sit’ command as of today and this boy is SMART! He goes into his crate without any fuss now yet still can bark a bit when he is first in there or when I get up in the AM. He is learning that when he is quiet, he can come out. WE are getting there! BHRR’s Koop also likes to hump and we are working on that behavour too. BHRR’s Ava Marie is one of his most fav of targets along with BHRR’s Porridge and neutering is going to greatly assist in this area. He is really responding well in wearing one of CH. Dycemans’ previous nylon show collars too. He is walking so much better on leash! Still no word from his previous owner and I sent out yet another email today.

BHRR’s Koop(6 months of age) – March 28th, 2010

BHRR’s Koop has been fully integrated with all the dogs and sure enough, night #2 was worse than night #1 and we shall see how the rest of tonight goes(it is now after 4:00 AM)! I have not heard word back from my email follow-up with his previous owner in regards to their committed PayPal donation at this time. Thanks to everyone who has emailed their feedback on this matter and we are in total argreement that we will not be making any ‘exceptions’ moving forward and before physically taking any dog from another like this previous owner; any fee will be collected first. I am awaiting to also hear back from legal. It is always that ‘few’ that tend to make it difficult for others. Regardless of the outcome, BHRR’s Koop is scheduled to be neutered next week if all goes well, he has had his second round of Panacur treatment and will receive his third today and I will repeat the cycle in two weeks, he is on Sentinel now and nothing will be spared for his wellbeing. He has been almost half-wild until today with his behavour, not wanting to be touched, directed and held. That is quickly changing. He is now sporting a show collar and he is even coming up to me for some loving. He needs focus, direction and a ‘job’ and he is beginning to actually ‘listen’. I find him responsive to his name at times and others, completely clueless that I am addressing him. His is reacting positively to the structure, routine and consistency at BHRR with Gwennie’s Doggie BootCamp and as he is understands more and more what is expected of him and what is not acceptable; he is going to be one really nice boy. If encouraged, I know he would jump on me and that is not a good Giant Breed behavour to have. I still have to take his height. His closest buds right now seems to be CH. Tain and of course, the ever popular PPSS and we shall see how things fall into place moving forward. πŸ™‚

BHRR’s Koops bw results were in today when I went into work yet his heartworm test results were still pending. His bw indicates that he has parasites and I already began to de-worm him with Panacur as is per our protocol at BHRR. His monocytes, eosinophils and alkaline phosphatase levels were all slightly elevated. As a young puppy and being parasitic, this is fairly explainable. I will discuss these results with my Vet to obtain her expert opinion. I emailed his previous owner this AM about the PayPal donation they were suppose to be making in lieu of the o/s fee and no response. I also received an email from a friend of hers today, who had originally contacted BHRR to see if we could be of assistance to this Dane and they were also told that we have not as of yet received the support promised to BHRR. This puts us into another difficult position that we shall not make any exceptions moving forward and possibly involving our legal as a legal contract had been signed with the specifics of this o/s being laid out in clear. The previous owner stated verbally on her own last night upon surrender that she would be making a PayPal donation and we have email documentation. I have also scheduled BHRR’s Koop’s neuter tentatively for March 30th. Within a few weeks after his neuter, he should be ready to be placed up for adoption. As I get to know him, I will have a better idea of what type of forever loving home would be best for Koop. Right now, at least one other dog in the home for sure, male or female is not of import. BHRR’s Koop has now been integrated with all but 5 of the dogs here and that should happen within the next 24 hours or so.

BHRR’s Koop had a GREAT night! If I left the sunroom or came into the sunroom, he would become a bit upset and bark yet once I was settled, either in or out of the sunroom; he became quiet. I went to bed around 3:30 AM or so and he slept well and did not even bark when Sean was up a couple of hours later to go to work. He is passively ignored when he barks and I have now introduced him to the 1+ acre of fenced in yard and he is busy exploring that. He was a bit worried when I left for the few moments it took to put my kids on the bus this AM and was happy to see me when I got back. He has now been successfully integrated with BHRR’s Albert, BHRR’s Ava Marie, BHRR’s Potter and Guinness. Albert made him a wee bit nervous as Albert was very excited to see a new friend and I was so proud of Albert for he has not tried to hump a dog in ages and ages!!!! YAY! Yet no one is more excited to meet new dogs than BHRR’s Potter!!!! His whole body just quivers as he meets new play buddies! BHRR’s Potter is now outside showing BHRR’s Koop the ‘ropes’ so to speak and later on today, I will work on integrating him with others. Once he comes back into the house, I will let him rest for a bit and feed him breakfast. I fasted him last night. He is not fond on going into the 45″ collosal crate yet it is getting better. I have added three new pictures to his slideshow(man, once he starts to move, I cannot get a good shot! LOL) #6 – #8 and have put one below of him and BHRR’s Potter, greeting each other this morning!

BHRR’s Koop(6 months) & BHRR’s Potter(19 months)- March 24th, 2010

BHRR’s Koop arrived tonight. He was originally named ‘Cooper’ yet I am going to call him ‘Koop’. He is a 6 month old (Born August 30th, 2009), Merle(almost a chocolate hue to his coat yet he does not have the dudley nose or pads), male, intact(for now!) Great Dane Puppy. He is utd on vaccines(I will need to confirm his rabies for he did not have a rabies tag nor could I or one of my Vets see ‘rabies’ really tagged off on the paperwork sent. There is a faint mark in the area of the word ‘rage’ and we just need to verify this). His other vaccines are due December 19th, 2010 for sure. I did a heartworm test plus pre-surgical bw on him tonight for preparation to neuter him within the next while. This boy is from a woman who was given 48 hours notice to either move or find a home for him. Her contract with her landlord in Quebec states no pets and she had obtained a Great Dane puppy and there were complaints from people that he was barking. Apparently, there were a number of run-ins with the police and by-law. I need to determine now that he has arrived if his barking is from boredom, temper tantums and/or SA. When he was put briefly in the run at work, he barked up a storm and he did the same when he was put into one of the collosal crates at home yet he is now resting quietly as I type. I find that the second night is always the worst and by the time we hit the third night, most dogs ‘get it’ and begin settling into the ‘Gwennie Doggie Bootcamp’ regime. His paperwork indicates that he is fine with kids, cats and other dogs. In lieu of waiving the $150.00 owner surrender fee(it will cost us almost $400 to neuter him, $150.00 with heartworm testing/presurgical bw, another $200 a year in Heartworm preventative, $49.00+ for a fecal test, $63.00+ for at least one exam and $40.00 to microchip him let alone feeding, obedience costs etc.) that a ‘helping’ donation to BHRR for his care would be given. We were told this would arrive by PayPal and hopefully it shall shortly for we are looking at over a $1,000 just to get BHRR’s Koop ready to be adopted and we have much on our plate with BHRR’s Ava Marie’s own Vet/Rehab Vet Bills. As he needed to be out of the home within 48 hours and we did not wish to see him put into a HS or pts, BHRR committed to his welfare. Koop is definitely not lacking in confidence that is for sure, another reason to neuter him and his leash manners are ZERO! By the time I got him home, he was a wee bit better in the hands of an experienced person yet at 39.6 Kgs(87.12 pounds), he is not a small boy and most likely will top off around 120-125 when fully grown. He is also fairly tall and I will get a height on him later. I am not worried about his integration with the other dogs either and he will be neutered shortly. He has already been intergrated with BHRR’s Cherokee and I think that in a few days, he is just going to settle in like no tomorrow! He is full of spirit and personality and I as many know, I love those types of challenges. He is also very francophone and we will work on his bilinguism. BHRR’s Shiva and BHRR’s Albert came to us very francophone too and I speak to them both in French and English now. I really am looking forward in getting to know this boy and I am hoping that within a month, he can be placed up for adoption after his neuter and after getting to know him better and determining what home is best for him and also what his ‘barking’ issue is and stems from. Right now, as mentioned, he is quiet as a lamb in his crate and I know that when I leave the sunroom, he will begin to bark and let the ‘tough’ love begin. He needs to learn to love his own company and the mental plus physical stimulation that he is going to obtain at BHRR will keep him more than tired and occupied. This boy is smart, that much I can tell already and he is eyeing me up and testing me as much as I am doing the same to him!Β  πŸ˜› I am adding two pictures below of him tonight and I apologize that they are not the best yet it was very dark when I arrived home and I am keeping him segregated from others at this time for with all the young ‘uns here it would be quite the flurry of activity if I began the full integration tonight! Sean would not be getting much sleep at all yet I look forward to tomorrow and the next few days and I think he is going to have a blast here. WHO does not love a puppy!!! LOL Though, I would have been more than happy to know that he was that incredible Senior at 7, 8 or even 9 years of age too! I just love all the Great Danes, no matter their ages! πŸ˜‰ NOT YET AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION!!!!

BHRR’s Koop – March 23rd, 2010 & BHRR’s Koop(6 months) with BHRR’s Cherokee(5.5 years of age)