BHRR’s Koops bw results were in today when I went into work yet his heartworm test results were still pending. His bw indicates that he has parasites and I already began to de-worm him with Panacur as is per our protocol at BHRR. His monocytes, eosinophils and alkaline phosphatase levels were all slightly elevated. As a young puppy and being parasitic, this is fairly explainable. I will discuss these results with my Vet to obtain her expert opinion. I emailed his previous owner this AM about the PayPal donation they were suppose to be making in lieu of the o/s fee and no response. I also received an email from a friend of hers today, who had originally contacted BHRR to see if we could be of assistance to this Dane and they were also told that we have not as of yet received the support promised to BHRR. This puts us into another difficult position that we shall not make any exceptions moving forward and possibly involving our legal as a legal contract had been signed with the specifics of this o/s being laid out in clear. The previous owner stated verbally on her own last night upon surrender that she would be making a PayPal donation and we have email documentation. I have also scheduled BHRR’s Koop’s neuter tentatively for March 30th. Within a few weeks after his neuter, he should be ready to be placed up for adoption. As I get to know him, I will have a better idea of what type of forever loving home would be best for Koop. Right now, at least one other dog in the home for sure, male or female is not of import. BHRR’s Koop has now been integrated with all but 5 of the dogs here and that should happen within the next 24 hours or so.