I have added new pictures #9 – #14 to BHRR’s Koop’s slideshow and I am also adding two below. It has been very hard capturing the best shots of him but I have a couple of his cute mug! LOL He has mastered the ‘sit’ command as of today and this boy is SMART! He goes into his crate without any fuss now yet still can bark a bit when he is first in there or when I get up in the AM. He is learning that when he is quiet, he can come out. WE are getting there! BHRR’s Koop also likes to hump and we are working on that behavour too. BHRR’s Ava Marie is one of his most fav of targets along with BHRR’s Porridge and neutering is going to greatly assist in this area. He is really responding well in wearing one of CH. Dycemans’ previous nylon show collars too. He is walking so much better on leash! Still no word from his previous owner and I sent out yet another email today.

BHRR’s Koop(6 months of age) – March 28th, 2010