BHRR`s Koop had his annual today(yes, a bit early) yet I wanted a current weight on him, to have him checked out one more time before he was adopted. He weighed a wiggly 49.4 KGS(108.68 pounds). So, probably weighs more. Sean was very helpful in driving BHRR's Koop to KAH in the truck as I was at KAH since 9 AM working and also attending to BHRR's Potter. Sean also was awesome about driving around town a wee bit with the kids as we were running behind at work due to emergencies and also the care that we were giving BHRR's Potter. Though, we close at 4 PM on Saturdays, we were there until almost 5:30 PM. Sean then took BHRR's Koop home in the truck while I stayed behind working on BHRR's Potter. Unfortunately, I had wanted to do BHRR's Koop's nails at home tonight and wash him yet that is going to be impossible as Sean plus I are tag teaming with BHRR's Potter's round the clock care. 🙁 The great news is that BHRR's Potter made it through the day, the incredible fighter and once I grab a bite to eat plus a cuddle with both four and two legged here; I shall update his blog. It has been 48 hours since either Sean or I have had any sleep, only some mild nodding off here and there but I promise to update ASAP.