BHRR's Frank has been ADOPTED!

In honor of Gwennie, the Founder of BHRR, wishing her a most wonderful and special of birthdays today – February 3rd, 2011

If you believe in BHRR; enjoy all the blog updates, pictures, open houses, GD hikes, Gwennie novel posts, her educational articles plus links; please make a donation in support of her rescue efforts. This fundraiser shall run through until 11:59 PM today – Thursday February 3rd, 2011

This blog post was made without Gwennie's awareness, so imagine her surprise when she sees this later today!

You can help ease her stress and concerns a bit today about always worrying about money to save those in need of the programs she has worked so hard for. You can help ease her stress and concerns a bit today about coming up with funds for food and other essentials for the animals. You can help ease her stress and concerns a bit today about the mounting bills for BHRR. Together let's make that BHRR 'chain of success' for Gwennie even more strong today!

Email transfer to, PayPal (account or even call Kanata Animal Hospital (613) 836-2848 and make a donation on to the Birch Haven Rescue account with your Visa, Mastercard or Amex. A receipt will be mailed to your attention. As Gwennie states so often, there is no amount too small.

I recently asked Gwennie what she wanted for her birthday and not once did she mention anything for herself. Always her family, friends or animals. Help us make a birthday very special today for Gwennie by making a donation to BHRR.

Total Raised to Date$385 & 14 Days of Dog Food & New Logo for Behavoural/Training/Gwennie's Dog Boot Camp Programs
*PayPal took $1.03 in fees

Gwennie's BHRR Believers & Supporters:

Mason*donated his bi-weekly allowance
Kinsley*donated her bi-weekly allowance
Alex & Karen
Global Pet Foods – Kanata – 10 Days of Dog Food
Simone – On BHRR's Potter Bills @ Kanata Animal Hospital
Lisa – 13 KG bag of Natural Balance Dog Food
James – Bag of Dog Food
Jan & Her Boyz
Luanne of Rusty Dawg Pet Products

BHRR's Frank turned 1 TODAY! YAY! Happy WOOFDAY BHRR's Frank. Additionally, we should know by Saturday February 12th if this home is a right matched personality fit for BHRR's Frank. We thank everyone for being so patient as we have been going through the application process for his possible adoption. Below are two pictures from today and isn't he just so handsome! We will post an update on his status as soon as we can.

BHRR's Frank's 1st WOOFDAY! – February 2nd, 2011

Today was 'WINTER WONDERLAND' Day at BHRR on our almost 148 acres after receiving 20 cm of snow and 10 more cm on the way! Below are two pictures! I will post all the individual pictures on the dog's own blogs ASAP. I was out with them myself on three different occasions for about an hour each time. WHAT a blast of a day! Now, that nighttime has come, the temperatures are dropping and the snow is turning more to ice pellets. Time for some nice warmth in front of the fireplaces and snuggles!

BHRR's 'WINTER WONDERLAND' Day! – February 2nd, 2011 – Name the dogs? LOL

We are moving BHRR's Frank under a 'PENDING ADOPTION' until such time as we can best dermine if the application we are currently reviewing is a right matched personality fit for their home, current dog and also for BHRR's Frank. It should not be too long before we can post a status update and until such time as we do so; we shall not be taking any further inquiries/applications on him. Thanks so much in advance for everyone's patience!

BHRR BOD Member Barry's 'Special 30th Birthday Request for BHRR' –

Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services Board of Director Member, Barry Cole is celebrating his 30th Birthday today. Here is his posted request:

"Can't believe I'm 30 today!! Not that im expecting presents but would appreciate Donations to help a GREAT rescue continue to do their amazing work!!"

Will keep a running public total of all monies raised in his honour to continue to help animals in need of BHRR!

Thanks in advance for the consideration!

Total Raised to Date: $165 – PayPal took $2.34 in fees


Barry's Birthday BHRR Buddies:


Mason*donated his bi-weekly alllowance
Kinsley*donated her bi-weekly allowance
Suzanne & Chuck
LT & Lil Linus(Jan)

BHRR does not adopt out during the XMAS season due to our position that it is not in the best interest of a new addition being added during such a busy, exciting and somewhat stressful time for many. Our XMAS Shutdown period for this year is from Saturday December 18th, 2010 to Monday January 3rd, 2011 inclusive.



The BHRR ONLINE Auction shall END on Thursday December 2nd, 2010 @ 9 PM EST

This is BHRR's last organized Fundraiser of 2010 and our next planned organized Fundraiser at this time is not until July of 2011, so each penny raised will be desperately needed to allow us to keep helping animals in need of our BHRR programs.

*To donate gift certificates, baskets, handmade crafts or any other items – Email BHRR (

*We have 153 Items to date!!!!

Permission to Cross Post is given!

BHRR's Frank is going on a playdate this Friday November 26th with one of our approved BHRR Volunteers and I am sooooooooo excited for him to have this extra special time out and about! It will also be lovely to see just how much more weight he has put on.

To learn more about how to become a BHRR approved Volunteer; please visit our Foster/Volunteer Section.

I brought BHRR's Bean with me today to one of our regulat GD & 'Honourary' GD Walks/Hikes – we were almost 20 people and our wonderful dogs @ Conroy Pit – and this was his final 'social' test before deciding if he was ready to be placed up for adoption and BHRR's Frank passed with ACES, FLYING COLOURS, NO PROBLEM! YAY! YAY! YAY! 🙂 He was excellent from the moment I left the house! Fantastic car traveller and he was in the backseat with both BHRR's Porridge and Sir Maestro. Mr. Social Frank was just awesome and as I knew that he still had a ways to go with his obedience(he has only been here since September and has spent quite a bit of time recovering from his neuter); that is something that can continue to be worked on per our adoption contract in his new forever loving adoptive home! BHRR's Frank on more than one occasion had his 'head in the clouds' and just happily would go and follow people and dogs here and there and everywhere and THANK you to everyone for helping me to keep an 'eye' on him! LOL He was fantastic, wonderful, a HUGE hit to all that met him and goodness, my heart was just full of the best feelings of warmth and pride and happiness! FOR him!!!! Can you tell I am excited? BHRR's Frank proved that he could stand on all four of his own feet and interact with all humans plus dogs fantabulously. THIS boy would make an excellent Therapy dog for sure. I have added three new photos from today on to his slideshow #10 – #12 and am also posting two of them below. This boy is NOW AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION!

BHRR's Frank – November 14th, 2010 – 9 months of age
*Photos compliments of C. Desjardins

BHRR's Frank has healed well from his neuter. I removed the few sutures not that long ago and he has settled in most well here. I have added photos #6 – #9 to his slideshow and am putting two below. One is from October 25th & one is from November 5th(the night before we let BHRR' Bean go) – just ignore all the brown/green as it was with my iPhone. It is my intent to bring him out to our upcoming regularly organized GD Walk/Hike & Honourary GD Walk/Hike this Sunday and should all goes as I anticipate it shall go for he is Mr. Social; he will then be placed up for adoption. While we wait for his forever loving home to come; I would like to have him brought out for some extra playdates, day trips and play trips for he is very much missing his brother BHRR's Bean. 🙁  If any of our approved BHRR Volunteers are interested plus open in assisting me in getting BHRR's Bean out and about to help him move forward in his mourning, please email. Here are the proposed dates/times for your consideration. We still have to 'watch' BHRR's Frank quite closely for he will still attempt to 'swallow' socks, underwear, stuffies etc. He is never forever loving home will have to be very vigilant.

Friday November 19th – anytime between 10 AM – 8 PM
Monday November 22nd – anytime between Noon – 8 PM
Wednesday November 24th – anytime between 11:30 AM – 2:30 PM
Friday November 26th – anytime between Noon – 8 PM
Saturday November 27th – anytime between 8 AM – 4 PM
Monday November 29th – anytime between Noon – 8 PM
Tuesday November 30th – anytime between Noon – 8 PM

BHRR's Frank – October 25th, 2010 & BHRR's Bean(Left) & BHRR's Frank (Right) – November 5th, 2010


Upate: October 21st: 3:03 PM: I have been told that BHRR's Frank has been a good receptionist and that he wants 'joint' custody with those at KAH! LOL He weighed 46 KGS(101.2 pounds), so has not put on a heck of a lot since his arrival to BHRR yet all feel, including myself that he is looking marvelous! He was out of surgery around 12:30 PM and all went great. The Vet said that he is "ONE VERY HAPPY BOY" and was really good!!!! This boy is just so social and I want to post that one of his new best of friends here at BHRR is our own new addition Maestro. SOOOOOOO, this means he is becoming less wary of strange dogs and as indicated before, he is living in complete harmony with 22 others right now at BHRR. He still prefers(like a lot of Saints) to just sit back and observe before feeling comfortable about interating with strange dogs yet when it comes to people, his is Mr. Social Butterfly! We will be bringing him home later tonight and cannot wait to get him all set up into our 'triage' area here. He is really going to enjoy his extra special cuddle time with Sean as Sean takes the responsibility of 'nighttime' triage snuggle partner very seriously! wink

Update: October 21st: 9:51 AM: BHRR's Frank was dropped off by Sean this AM for his neuter and I received a text from a friend of mine just past 7:30 AM that works at KAH saying that she is 'keeping him' as she 'LOVES him' (she had not yet had the pleasure of meeting  him!) and that he was currently playing 'receptionist'! cheeky This boy is going to make a home very happy!!!! He is wonderful. Will update his blog as I can.

BHRR's Frank new neuter date shall be on Thursday October 21st, 2010 and within about a month after that, he should be ready for placement for adoption. He is a really nice well rounded boy and in the right home – Saint experience would be wonderful yet is not necessary; a home that has at least one other dog – male or female not of import as long as there is a great personality fit; a home that is either full-time; part-time, a work from home type, semi-retired home are all fine; one that is going to be careful about items laying around as he will eat things – he has  fetish for u.wear and socks right now and we do not want to see a possible obstruction situation. A home that is going to be committed to his obedience for he is a Saint through and through! One that is 'ok' with the drooling, gas and is patient, kind, firm and loving. He is a lovebug and has done so much better in his own area of feeling more confident around strange dogs and he still does a little bit of 'leader' humping at BHRR here and there. He has also been very patient with our new addition Maestro and has been wonderful about providing corrections to him. He needs to be in a home that is going to continue to get him out and about in public and continue his social network of doggie friends. We want to see him continue on this right path and I love how he will look at me when I ask him to not do something and he will just then turn his head and do it anyway!!!! That is still a big of a work in progress with the 'listen' to me now skills. cheekyHe is such a ham this one! His counter surfing is so much better and he is now completely housebroken.

From Friday October 22nd to Friday November 5th inclusive, BHRR will not be open for adoptions or the intake of adoption applications. We do not adopt out around the Halloween season and many others Rescues, shelters, pounds etc. have also begun to follow a similar protocol to what we have been doing. We do not believe it is on the best interest of the animals in our program, especially for dark coloured dogs.

During this time, BHRR is available 24/7 as always for requests for assistance of animals in need.

Due to an emergency with one of our own on Sunday/Monday – our EM Guinness; BHRR’s Frank’s neuter has been postponed from the 4th of October at this time. I will reschedule a new date when I am back at KAH which is Saturday. He just turned 8 months and there is no rush.

BHRR’s Frank came with me to work last night and weighed 44.6 KGs(98.12 pounds). He received a manicure/pedicure, was microchipped and had his last DAPP booster in addition to an exam and having presurgical bw done for his neuter. I have booked his neuter surgery for Monday October 4th, 2010 and should all go well, I believe that BHRR’s Frank shall be ready for adoption by the end of October 2010. I want quite a bit more time with him to best determine what home he would do best in yet right now, a home with at least one other dog for sure as he needs to become more in ‘tune’ with other dogs communication and not relying on BHRR’s Bean on that part and then being BHRR’s Bean’s crutch for Bean when it comes to ‘humans’. Frank is SOOOOOOOOOOOO social with humans and already better at coming out of his shell to be good about playing with the other dogs, yet BHRR’s Bean is still his main squeeze! He is still a bit unsure and reserved in instigating play with other dogs. IT is OK BHRR’s Frank….we will get there! They will not hurt you. Just as with his brother BHRR’s Bean, Frank is an awesome car traveller, did fantastic at KAH and was soooooooooo social with all. He lay upon his side as he received his DAPP booster just wagging his tail and doing his nails went great! His heart sounded great and his hips and joints were in excellent shape. Also, as with BHRR’s Bean, Frank has proven himself to not be 100% housebroken at this time and likes to go outside, pee a bit and then come in and find Sean’s shoes and finish the ‘job’. 😛 BHRR’s Frank likes to climb on my leather furniture and so we are working on that! Frank also likes to counter surf and that is another thing in progress with his training. I do wish to say that both boys are excelling at their obedience and they are walking beautifully already on flat collars. I had no issues loading them up into the car and then out and then into the Hospital and then returning home with both. Until they came to BHRR, they were on prong collars and I was also told tied up outside. I only brought one ‘drool’ towel with me tonight and I should have made it a bath towel! LOL I am sooooooo enjoying having these Saint boyz at BHRR!

BHRR’s Frank – September 18th, 2010 – Day of arrival to BHRR

BHRR’s Frank and Bean arrived safely yesterday to BHRR. THANKS to BHRR BOD member Mary for transporting them from her area to BHRR on her way to the BHRR “EXPERIENCE” Mini Open House. By the time I went to bed at 2:00 AM, they both had been fully intergrated with all the dogs here, 20 and did great. They are definitely attached to each other and it is BHRR’s Bean’s right hind leg that is the ‘concern’ and I have an appointment set up on Thursday September 23rd with one of my Vets to discuss. Both need to be neutered, micrcohipped(THANKS Mary for the donation of her ‘Ava Marie ONLINE Auction’ micrcochip winning) plus donating funds towards another micrcohip so that both will be chipped! They are a most interesting and delightful pair. They are soooooooooooo sweet and lovable. Both have their areas of confidence and both have their areas of insecurity. BHRR’s Frank is very human oriented and BHRR’s Bean is more quiet/bit reserved/unsure around humans. Franks tail wags nonstop and Bean’s is more half mast wagging. So, Bean needs a bit more confidence in that area. BHRR’s Bean is the more ‘Dora Explorer’ type whereas BHRR’s Frank much prefers to have a ‘human’ come along for the exploration with him. BHRR’s Bean loves loves loves playing with BHRR’s Lily Belle and she is already smitten with him for she senses the ‘conquest’ of another adoring Saint her way! LOL BHRR’s Frank prefers to more play with his sibling and both decided to ‘rock’ my house at 2 AM today with their spontaneous zooming throughout the main floor, moving my table and chairs every which way! 😛 Both were very taken with Mary and though Mary spent the night here; I took both boyz into the masterbedroom with me and after only a brief time or two working on ‘convincing’ Frank that he is not to sleep on the bed and a couple of whines out of Bean, both had a superb night! They have proven themselves to date to be housebroken and BHRR’s Bean is much more comfortable peeing and it takes BHRR’s Frank a bit more time to ‘warm’ up to the idea outside. BHRR’s Bean had the better appetite and BHRR’s Frank is more picky and slow. No resourcing issues at this time either and BHRR’s Potter was excited about ‘fresh meat’ coming to BHRR as he just loves new friends! Multi CH. TAIN pouted as he was getting lower on the ‘baby’ list. BHRR’s Frank has tendencies towards miner SA behavours, so efforts are being made to not ‘enable’ him. They are both SOOOOOOOOOOOOO sweet though! BHRR’s Bean is taller and both have a slightly different coat type from each other as BHRR’s Frank is not quite smooth or rough coat. BHRR’s Bean is a smooth coat. Their colours and faces are also quite distinct from each other and within seconds I could tell them apart yet there were still about 10 people here from yesterday BHRR’s ‘EXPERIENCE’ Mini Open House when the Saints arrived that had some trouble remembering who was who! THANKS Chuck in helping us get them into the house!!!! Thanks as well to Mary in donating collars(red for Frank and black for Bean) to BHRR along with leashes AND the dog bed. THESE are already two very loved and spoiled Saints at BHRR. I konw it was hard for Mary to say good-bye and as I assured Mary, they will remember her when she is back in November, we are planning out last BHRR ‘EXPERIENCE’ Mini Open House which shall also be our 8th Secret Santa Event for the BHRR animals too! The other thing that I am going to be doing very soon is separating them for playdates for one cannot guarantee that they shall be adopted together – in fact, BHRR has only TWICE in its almost 15 years history adopted two animals together for we do not believe this to be a common ‘best interest’ practise for the animals and that it is a ‘rare’ event yet twice we have done it for we felt strongly that it was in those dogs best interest. We shall see what transpires as these two settle into BHRR. They also need nail trims badly and that is on zee agenda. We I shall be doing is posting playdates for anyone of our approved BHRR adopters to take one of them out on their own to get some time away from the other for they are way to dependent on each other right now. I have nothing wrong with close relationships yet they ‘lean’ on each other a bit too much to ‘boost’ them in their own areas of insecurity and we need to work on those areas independently to make them the best dogs they can be.  🙂 They are soooooooooooooo precious though! I cannot wait for the honeymoon period to be over for I can already see that each has their ‘own’ leader traits and goober personalities! Let the journey begin boyz!!! Welcome to BHRR! Between Sean & I, we have taken quite a few pictures yesterday and today and for now, I am going to post some in their slideshows as I am having some issue getting them inbeded into their blogs posts right now. LOVING these boyz…….AND oh…they are nowhere near as large as we were told they are……ball parking around 110 – 115 tops and I shall get weights when I have them in later this week. They are just babies…..and shall be bigger enough soon enough……let’s not rush things. AND, BHRR’s Frank could afford to lose a few pounds and BHRR’s Bean can afford to put on about 5-7 pounds right now. We will work on that.

BHRR is in its 3rd food crisis of 2010. We only have about 30 days worth of dog food left and we currently have 23 dogs under our authority between our BHRR Rescue/Rehabilitation Program, BHRR Adoption Program, BHRR Haven Dog Program & BHRR Foster/Perma-Foster Program.
BHRR is currently going through 600 pounds of dog food a month at a cost of a minimum of $825.00+ tax for the food.
Please consider donating to assist…. PayPal( or email transfer or check to ‘Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services’ and mail to:

Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services
C/O Gwendilin Boers
2425 Totem Ranch Road West
RR#1 Oxford Station, Ontario
K0G 1T0

September 19th, 2010$262.24 Donated to Date & 1,422.50 pounds of dog food since August 2010

BHRR’s Frank – 7 month old (born February 2nd, 2010) Saint Bernard Male. BHRR’s Frank is the littermate brother to BHRR’s Bean and both are expected to arrive to BHRR on Saturday September 18th. They are owner surrenders as their owners due to their owners finding themselves in a financial position of not being able to continue to care for them and to give BHRR’s Bean the Vet attention needed for that knee. The home was also not able to provide BHRR’s Frank with his last boosters. We have been told that Frank has proven to be good with children, women and men and likes to steal toilet paper rolls(he will fit right in with dogs like BHRR’s Dana, BHRR’s Potter & BHRR’s Porridge here!). Frank apparently likes to jump and loves to be with people. He has been living with a cat and wants to play and chase it. He has been good with his brother and plays with a Shih Tzu friend just fine as well. He does not have any resourcing issues and has no bite history. As I learn more I will update and add photos. Looking forward to meeting you BHRR’s Frank. I have an appointment set up for September 23rd for both boyz to come to KAH with me for exams etc. NOT YET AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION!!!