BHRR’s Frank – 7 month old (born February 2nd, 2010) Saint Bernard Male. BHRR’s Frank is the littermate brother to BHRR’s Bean and both are expected to arrive to BHRR on Saturday September 18th. They are owner surrenders as their owners due to their owners finding themselves in a financial position of not being able to continue to care for them and to give BHRR’s Bean the Vet attention needed for that knee. The home was also not able to provide BHRR’s Frank with his last boosters. We have been told that Frank has proven to be good with children, women and men and likes to steal toilet paper rolls(he will fit right in with dogs like BHRR’s Dana, BHRR’s Potter & BHRR’s Porridge here!). Frank apparently likes to jump and loves to be with people. He has been living with a cat and wants to play and chase it. He has been good with his brother and plays with a Shih Tzu friend just fine as well. He does not have any resourcing issues and has no bite history. As I learn more I will update and add photos. Looking forward to meeting you BHRR’s Frank. I have an appointment set up for September 23rd for both boyz to come to KAH with me for exams etc. NOT YET AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION!!!