Upate: October 21st: 3:03 PM: I have been told that BHRR's Frank has been a good receptionist and that he wants 'joint' custody with those at KAH! LOL He weighed 46 KGS(101.2 pounds), so has not put on a heck of a lot since his arrival to BHRR yet all feel, including myself that he is looking marvelous! He was out of surgery around 12:30 PM and all went great. The Vet said that he is "ONE VERY HAPPY BOY" and was really good!!!! This boy is just so social and I want to post that one of his new best of friends here at BHRR is our own new addition Maestro. SOOOOOOO, this means he is becoming less wary of strange dogs and as indicated before, he is living in complete harmony with 22 others right now at BHRR. He still prefers(like a lot of Saints) to just sit back and observe before feeling comfortable about interating with strange dogs yet when it comes to people, his is Mr. Social Butterfly! We will be bringing him home later tonight and cannot wait to get him all set up into our 'triage' area here. He is really going to enjoy his extra special cuddle time with Sean as Sean takes the responsibility of 'nighttime' triage snuggle partner very seriously! wink

Update: October 21st: 9:51 AM: BHRR's Frank was dropped off by Sean this AM for his neuter and I received a text from a friend of mine just past 7:30 AM that works at KAH saying that she is 'keeping him' as she 'LOVES him' (she had not yet had the pleasure of meeting  him!) and that he was currently playing 'receptionist'! cheeky This boy is going to make a home very happy!!!! He is wonderful. Will update his blog as I can.