BHRR’s Frank and Bean arrived safely yesterday to BHRR. THANKS to BHRR BOD member Mary for transporting them from her area to BHRR on her way to the BHRR “EXPERIENCE” Mini Open House. By the time I went to bed at 2:00 AM, they both had been fully intergrated with all the dogs here, 20 and did great. They are definitely attached to each other and it is BHRR’s Bean’s right hind leg that is the ‘concern’ and I have an appointment set up on Thursday September 23rd with one of my Vets to discuss. Both need to be neutered, micrcohipped(THANKS Mary for the donation of her ‘Ava Marie ONLINE Auction’ micrcochip winning) plus donating funds towards another micrcohip so that both will be chipped! They are a most interesting and delightful pair. They are soooooooooooo sweet and lovable. Both have their areas of confidence and both have their areas of insecurity. BHRR’s Frank is very human oriented and BHRR’s Bean is more quiet/bit reserved/unsure around humans. Franks tail wags nonstop and Bean’s is more half mast wagging. So, Bean needs a bit more confidence in that area. BHRR’s Bean is the more ‘Dora Explorer’ type whereas BHRR’s Frank much prefers to have a ‘human’ come along for the exploration with him. BHRR’s Bean loves loves loves playing with BHRR’s Lily Belle and she is already smitten with him for she senses the ‘conquest’ of another adoring Saint her way! LOL BHRR’s Frank prefers to more play with his sibling and both decided to ‘rock’ my house at 2 AM today with their spontaneous zooming throughout the main floor, moving my table and chairs every which way! 😛 Both were very taken with Mary and though Mary spent the night here; I took both boyz into the masterbedroom with me and after only a brief time or two working on ‘convincing’ Frank that he is not to sleep on the bed and a couple of whines out of Bean, both had a superb night! They have proven themselves to date to be housebroken and BHRR’s Bean is much more comfortable peeing and it takes BHRR’s Frank a bit more time to ‘warm’ up to the idea outside. BHRR’s Bean had the better appetite and BHRR’s Frank is more picky and slow. No resourcing issues at this time either and BHRR’s Potter was excited about ‘fresh meat’ coming to BHRR as he just loves new friends! Multi CH. TAIN pouted as he was getting lower on the ‘baby’ list. BHRR’s Frank has tendencies towards miner SA behavours, so efforts are being made to not ‘enable’ him. They are both SOOOOOOOOOOOOO sweet though! BHRR’s Bean is taller and both have a slightly different coat type from each other as BHRR’s Frank is not quite smooth or rough coat. BHRR’s Bean is a smooth coat. Their colours and faces are also quite distinct from each other and within seconds I could tell them apart yet there were still about 10 people here from yesterday BHRR’s ‘EXPERIENCE’ Mini Open House when the Saints arrived that had some trouble remembering who was who! THANKS Chuck in helping us get them into the house!!!! Thanks as well to Mary in donating collars(red for Frank and black for Bean) to BHRR along with leashes AND the dog bed. THESE are already two very loved and spoiled Saints at BHRR. I konw it was hard for Mary to say good-bye and as I assured Mary, they will remember her when she is back in November, we are planning out last BHRR ‘EXPERIENCE’ Mini Open House which shall also be our 8th Secret Santa Event for the BHRR animals too! The other thing that I am going to be doing very soon is separating them for playdates for one cannot guarantee that they shall be adopted together – in fact, BHRR has only TWICE in its almost 15 years history adopted two animals together for we do not believe this to be a common ‘best interest’ practise for the animals and that it is a ‘rare’ event yet twice we have done it for we felt strongly that it was in those dogs best interest. We shall see what transpires as these two settle into BHRR. They also need nail trims badly and that is on zee agenda. We I shall be doing is posting playdates for anyone of our approved BHRR adopters to take one of them out on their own to get some time away from the other for they are way to dependent on each other right now. I have nothing wrong with close relationships yet they ‘lean’ on each other a bit too much to ‘boost’ them in their own areas of insecurity and we need to work on those areas independently to make them the best dogs they can be.  🙂 They are soooooooooooooo precious though! I cannot wait for the honeymoon period to be over for I can already see that each has their ‘own’ leader traits and goober personalities! Let the journey begin boyz!!! Welcome to BHRR! Between Sean & I, we have taken quite a few pictures yesterday and today and for now, I am going to post some in their slideshows as I am having some issue getting them inbeded into their blogs posts right now. LOVING these boyz…….AND oh…they are nowhere near as large as we were told they are……ball parking around 110 – 115 tops and I shall get weights when I have them in later this week. They are just babies…..and shall be bigger enough soon enough……let’s not rush things. AND, BHRR’s Frank could afford to lose a few pounds and BHRR’s Bean can afford to put on about 5-7 pounds right now. We will work on that.