We love Danes

My name is Katie and my husbands name is Marcus. We are both originally from the kemptville area, now residing in Oxford Station. We own a local business in Kemptville called Cheeky Monkeys Playhouse. I work there full time and my husband works for community living in Kemptville.

Marcus and I both come from families familiar with growing up with Danes. At one time my parents had four rescued danes all living with us….what a fight for the couch that was.

We are looking at adopting a dane in the new year/spring and would love if you would keep us in mind. We will continue to check your site out……we just found out about you today. As a woman who owns a dane told us about you, and you are right around the corner from us. What a small world.

We are expecting a baby in Feb. but once things settle down we would love to adopt another dog……and a Dane it will be this time. We currently have a terrier mix…..rescued from the brockville aspca. Mr. Shiggles is eager to have a new friend.

We love what you have committed to doing and would love to visit?

Katie Dickie