It has been a very busy week with bringing the animals into work with me for weights, annuals, tests etc.! Hamilton came into work with me today and now weighs 56.6 KGs(124.52 pounds) and he did really well. It is not his favourite place in the world AT all. He had no submissive pee incidents and was happy to take treats from everyone that he could! He is so very different there than at home and I know that some find it hard to believe that he is a TRUE monkey here at times with his play antics with the youngsters! Hamilton is in the group of the many dogs out there in the world that just does not like going to a Vet Hospital. I keep telling him that I won’t allow any person that I work with there bite him….YET I do not think he believes me! 😛 I had brought Soul in with me for his Pheno levels plus Albumin test so the two of them were able to hang out together AS Soul is not fond of the Vet Hospital either. The Vet thinks he is in great condition yet also agrees with me that a few more pounds could not hurt him but he is looking really good! Being on the lighter side is also very beneficial to his weak hind end. Below are two pics of him from XMAS 2008! I am beginning to think I need a drool bib for him as his hair is becoming quite stained under his chin. 😉

img_0034-medium.JPG img_0037-medium.JPG