We love Danes

My name is Katie and my husbands name is Marcus. We are both originally from the kemptville area, now residing in Oxford Station. We own a local business in Kemptville called Cheeky Monkeys Playhouse. I work there full time and my husband works for community living in Kemptville.

Marcus and I both come from families familiar with growing up with Danes. At one time my parents had four rescued danes all living with us….what a fight for the couch that was.

We are looking at adopting a dane in the new year/spring and would love if you would keep us in mind. We will continue to check your site out……we just found out about you today. As a woman who owns a dane told us about you, and you are right around the corner from us. What a small world.

We are expecting a baby in Feb. but once things settle down we would love to adopt another dog……and a Dane it will be this time. We currently have a terrier mix…..rescued from the brockville aspca. Mr. Shiggles is eager to have a new friend.

We love what you have committed to doing and would love to visit?

Katie Dickie

BHRR is great!

Hi, just wanted to let you know that your website is ADDICTIVE, and I often find myself searching for new updates on all your pups! I commend your inexhaustible spirit and positive outlook, as well as your never-ending commitment to all the little souls you save!

My fiancee and I are dying to submit an application, as our 1 year old boxer/lab needs a sibling because he is very social and adores super-sized breeds… instant best friends! However, due to the pending wedding, we are waiting to apply until fall 2009. Sigh! You will be hearing from us eventually, as we are committed dog-lovers and think your work is incredible…

In the meantime, I will just have to get my “fix” by watching all your amazing rescues become happy and healthy!

Saint John, NB Canada

Hi Gwen

I must applaud you over and over. I had a Great Dane and recently had to put him down shortly after he turned 2 years of age. It was the hardest decision I had ever made in my life and I miss him every day. He was diagnosed with Chylothorax (not sure if I spelt that correctly) but we had a deicison to make. Our vet had contacted another vet that had been practising for 20 years and he said in all is years of practising that he had never seen that diagnosis in a dog before, however our option was to take him to the PEI Vet College where they were equipped to do the surgery but they only had a 40% success rate that it would fix the problem. I would have spent any amount of money to fix him, but with that percentage I could not bare to see him suffer, as he had been suffering the last few days. I am so glad that there are people out there like yourself that care about this animals and make a difference, if I had the resources I would love to be doing the same thing. Keep up the great effort and it will not be unrecognized. Thanks

A big congrats – Karen, Quebec

Hey Gwen, I just wanted to give you a huge hoorah for all you are doing. All I have to say is man has LIL grown since I saw him as a 3 month old pup.
Keep doing the great work, and really hope to see you guys soon 🙂

K. Sheppard


I ran across your posting for Mazda and just wanted to say that she sounds like an amazing dog. Your description of Mazda and her personality brought a smile to my face so I can only imagine the joy she brings you on a daily basis. I am a Dane lover, my boy is a brindle named Moby. I rescued Moby about 5 years ago and he is absolutely the best dog ever. I have a true place in my heart for Danes. Anyway, I am sure you receive so many emails so I apologize but I just wanted to say I hope you find the perfect home for Mazda.


C. Long, SW, ON, CDA

I just wanted to let you know that I completely agree with you on the fact that introducing a child and a dog is almost ALWAYS successful if done properly!!! I can’t believe how many people “get rid” of their animals just because they have a baby… are pregnant.. excuse after excuse. Well it’s a wonderful thing that you’re doing and I hope that you can find them all loving forever homes! Thank you for saving their lives, Courtney

M. Bauman, IN, USA

You are always so sweet. I so much want to meet you in person. Ontario is a long way from Indiana.

My heart breaks for you every time you go through this, which happens so much because you are close to many dear pets – – because you are their savior. I know how you feel every time you lose one, too.

Thank you again. You are a dear, wonderful lady.

S. Harrison, ON, CDA

I just wanted to let you know that Lincoln is making good progress on his behaviour modification program, so we have made the happy decision that we will keep him after all. Thank you both so much for your advice and support, without which I don’t think we would have reached this place.

All the best,


Janet, ON, CDA

….let me know if I can ever help…love what you do..bless you !!

M. Godbout, Ottawa, Ontario

I unfortunately will not be able to attend the fundraiser today. I would love to help your cause because I really admire what you’re doing. Wether it’s financially or by donations of items for the dogs or horses or even some of my time. I own a 6 year old great dane and I have been horseback riding for a few years now so I would be delighted to come help you and get to know more about your organisation. Please let me know how I can help.

L. Arnott, ON, Canada

Keep up the great work! And please, hugs and kisses to Mazda and the rest of your gang!

Genevieve Hebert, Ajax, Ontario

I know this will probably sound a little ridiculous, but I just wanted to let you know how touched I am by the work your organization does. I had a rescued Great Dane myself a few years ago (she was the LOVE of my life, but I lost her to cancer at only seven and a half years) and though I know I will probably never have one like her again (she was my first dog.. go big or go home, I say!!) I am really looking forward to the day when I am able to adopt another one. I live in a house with roommates now, so it’s not really feasible for me to adopt, but my fiance knows the minute we have our own house, I will have a Dane again! And he is very much looking forward to it, too!!
I was reading the pet finder notes on Mazda, Mudslide and Abbi and I was really touched to see the lengths you go to for your rescues. You people are ANGELS! It makes me angry how people treat animals, and for people to want a Dane as a “status dog” usually mean they end up back in rescue when those idiotic people find out what having a giant breed really means. I applaud you for adopting out your animals in homes you feel are suitable for your beauties, as opposed to finding them a home to get rid of them, like so many people seem to.Thank you for what you’re doing for this wonderful breed!

With admiration,

Shamrock, your Reality Page

Thank you for posting Shamrocks story, and those of other dogs like him, on your reality page.

I’m the person who sent out the link to gratefulness.org after he died.

I’m glad that there are people who care. I hope that someday soon, we as a society can do better for all of these animals.

Wishing them and us peace and light.


Wow you are amazing

I would like to thank you for sharing your family with us all. I read Frost T’s story awhile ago and was amazed by your strength and love. I love children and animals and those who are abused hurt or special touch a particular chord in my heart. I am a child and youth care worker for high risk teens and youth.I often feel i have seen it all. Violence,aggression(acting out), needless injuries and pain all cries for help but only a few hear it which always amazes me. Kids and animlas are resilant they always want to go home or find a home that loves them. You show everyday how committed you are to your animals by not only caring for them but by raising your children who are beautiful by the way with these animals. You teach your children empathy, compassion and unconditional love by following your heart. Gwen and your husband Sean are to be commended You do a beautiful thing. I have taught all my dogs our own sign language as it keeps them safe because they are always looking at me and no one else knows the signs unless through me. I fell in love with Frost T and your story I hate the final decision it’s so painful but none of my dog’s have evr crossed to the bridge but in my arms. You are an amazing woman. Theme here seems to be amazing people, kids,and animals. So what does a girl from Alberta want well i love Linus and all the dogs but Linus hits the heart strings hard. I am a single mom and i don’t have a tonne of cash so i was wondering if i could make you quilts for your dogs to lie on wrap up in pee on what evr they want. I make simple nine squares but they are always really bright and soft. I make them for kids and i would like to make some for you. What size do you think they would need. My quilts are not perfect but neither is any child or dog so they usually like them. Please let me know if this is acceptable to you Thanks for your time, I know it is precious Cathie from Calgary

The Neal family in Western NY

Hi there, we have really enjoyed discovering your website and commend you for all that you do for large breeds. I can tell you love them all as your own!
We also love large dogs and sadly our Giggilo died suddenly two weeks ago while our daughter, Amelia, was walking him. We all miss him terribly.
Barb Neal byn68@windstream.net

Tiffany Richburg – Statesville, NC, USA

Hey Gwen and Sean!! The new site looks GREAT!!! Give all of those babies a kiss from me and keep up the wonderful work you do for those precious souls in need. We love ya’ll!!!

Bary and Trice (Ottawa, ON)

Hey Gwen,

It was great meeting up again last night. Thanks again for everything you do. Btw the website looks great!

Deanna D (Iroquois Falls, soon to be KINGSTON!, Ontario)

Great big HUGE congratulations on your new website!! It’s fantastic. Well done!

Please give my best wishes to Sean & the kids.

Oh, and I hope that you’re able to recover from the snow-damage this past winter. Wasn’t that a winter-and-then-some??!! It’s incredible. It was no different up north, and in fact we got another HUMUNGOUS dump of snow a week ago, and they are calling for 15-20 cm more today (but so far, it’s just raining). You have my FULL sympathy for all the damage it did to your horse shed & fencing — my back yard is a disaster area at the moment (but fortunately, the fence is still standing)!!!

Anyway, just wanted to sign your guestbook and say WOW and CONGRATS on the excellent new website & look! Keep up the fantastic work that you do!!

(Oh, and Dodger & Miss Gracie say a BIG woofy, happy HELLO to BHRR, too!!! *g*)

Lydia G, ON, CDA

I just want to express how happy i am to see someone so involved with their animals. Your website is great.


Loved your site…made me miss my two, one of whom was a rescue of 11 months when we brought him home. Nothing like two young danes months romping around which is why I so enjoyed your photoalbums. I must say that your policy of obedience class within 4 months is a bit harsh. Do you really enforce it? When I got my second Dane,a pup, I was anxious to get him into obedience. In Montreal, classes are not as abundant as you think in each area and most are on weeknights making travelling distances not feasible. I waited and waited. People took summer vacation and fall sessions were full, reserved months in advance by repeat customers who knew classes shut down a couple times a year. He was about 10 months before we finally found him some classes and registered him for basic and advanced sets as he needed it (headstrong fellow that one). I had tried for more than four months before a space was open. I would say six months is more realistic. I would hate to see a dog lose a good home for the sake of a month or two.
Anyways, congrats to you for the work you do. I know, they make it easy. Horses and Danes, what a life you have! My 23 year old, who adopted an SPCA Harlequin a year ago, would be in 7th heaven working for you. We will always love Danes and will enjoy watching your work.
***In response to your question(of which you did not submit an email address by which you could be contacted directly to provide you with our BHRR position on this matter)about our 4 month obedience clause; should someone contact us and is proactive about actively searching for classes(and I am very familiar with the province of Quebec and all the best PM Training Facilities); we can sit down and discuss. The onus is not on BHRR to do the follow-up on this. However; over 20+ years of experience has taught us that if you give an inch; some people will try to take a mile and with lack of obedience being one of the top reasons why animals are surrendered to Rescues in the first place; I do not desire to see all the great building blocks and foundations built; just fade away. It is my responsibility to ensure that the animals NEVER end up in Rescue again and people are more than welcome not to apply to our program, if they are not in agreement with our adoption mandates, policies plus processes. Honestly, we could give people a year to do the obedience and the reality is that over 85%(and we do keep statistics)of our approved adoptive homes(and our screening process is very thorough) always wait until the last minute DESPITE them being clearly aware of their signed contract stipulations and for legal purposes; as depending on the locale of the adoption; there are statuatory limitations for cases to be brought to court. You can think it harsh and that is unfortunate yet those that seek to adopt from us shall know that we will hold homes to this legally binding condition with their signature. If a home requires an extension or flexibility; they need to discuss with us and the time for them to discuss this with us is not when the obedience completion records are due as has been the case in the past with some homes. Good homes will honour their contract and great homes will not need to be followed up on this mandate by a member of BHRR.***

Simone, London, Ontario

Gwen and Sean I love the new site and as someone before said it’s very peaceful.
For all that you do, for all that you are, I feel blessed to know you and honoured that I have BHRR’s Boba Phett in my home. He is the best!

Tuni, from White Lake, Ontario

I have been slowly wandering through your new site, and I want to say how much I love reading about all your fur babies… I adopted a Dane last June from Alabama – her name is Miss Dixie, and she is similar in appearance to the one called Harley (that I see in your photo’s). I may be the lucky person in the world who gets to care for my Dixie– but to all the Danes still in rescue……..you are their world . You have a wonderful heart to do what you do, and I feel like I am getting to know your dogs through you by means of your wonderful descriptive writing. Keep up the loving work.

Annick – Aylmer, QC, Canada

Hey Gwen,

Its been a while. Suki did her first agility trial last weekend and took 4th out of 7 in Jumpers and 1 out of 2 in Gamblers !!! What a great first trial I was so happy

BTW Loooove your new site looks great
How’s Dyce doing ?? I liked that part from the old site I had update on how everybody was doing

Chow for now

Lynda Crawford, ON, CDA

People like you are far and few between and I count myself lucky to have had the pleasure of exchanging emails and pics with you. I wish you all the best with your rescue and think you’re providing an amazing service to the creatures that can’t speak for themselves. Thank you for doing what you do. Take care!

Marisa Avery, NY, USA

Just wanted to send a quick line of thanks for what you do. I’ve kept my eyes on Mazda, as she seems to be quite the story. Sounds as though she’s got a lovely personality. Having three dogs myself and keeping good company with those who appreciate the big pooches, I wish you all the best in finding the right fit for her. Keep it up!

Nadine, Quebec, CA

Oh and I saw , on your website , the pictures of the girls … and some of Nelly. To see them on the same page , I don’t know why , it made me cry. I can never tell you THANKS enough for taking such good care of the girls ! You’re an angel !!!

Deanna, ON, CDA

As always, I remain a big fan of all that BHRR does for the dogs that others “throw away”. I still can’t believe how fortunate I was to have Dodger and Gracie join my life.

C. Joubert, London, ON

Please let me know how I can help in any way with any of your sweet babies.
And a BIG THANK YOU! With people like you in the world these puppies have a chance and I know first hand what a handful some dogs can be and how much love and patience they need.

Sylvie Roy, Quebec, CDA

I was actually surfing on your website (congratulations), its not my first time there.  I think your work is brilliant and it is nice to see that you and your husband are so passionate.

Terina, Toronto, ON, CDA

The fabulous job you do! I just found your website last weekend after a year long search, looking for rescued Danes and people who have such an appreciation for their loving, affectionate, super loyal personalities.

Kelly, Brownstown, MI, USA

Just a short e-mail to say that I think your adoption policies are wonderful and I like to see that you stick to them. Bless you and keep up the good work. 

K. MacLaurin, ON, CDA

giant breed rescue is something close to our heart and we are inspired by the wonderful things you do for the dogs and horses at Birchhaven.

M. Miller, ON, CDA

You do such a fantastic job…it is the general public that is the problem. At times you really have to shake your head. Keep up your great work. I check your web site on a regular basis.

J. Bethune, SW ON, CDA

You and everyone at BHRR do SO MUCH!!!! Please give LT a kiss and a hug from me. I can’t wait to see him again!!!!