I truly cannot say enough about this Dane! Lady possesses quite the character and even a sense of humour! She is now interacting with 13 other dogs without any issues. She is the type of dog that could fit beautifully into any number of ‘home’ situations. I personally would like to see her in a home with at least one other dog as she and Buster and Frost are quite the set of bosom buddies when it comes to playing! She really needs that in her life. I would also like to see her in a home that has children and as per our mandate they have to be 8+ years of age. She adores our kids and she is really a ‘mother’ Dane towards them and I believe she needs that in her life as well. Lady is very obedient, smart and she just loves to ‘talk back’ to me now about how she feels about things; such as not getting my butt out of bed fast enough in the god awful AM to go outside to greet the new day! She is calm when she needs to be and a riot of playfulness when it is time; EXCEPT for when Buster arrived and she has now developed some ‘selective’ hearing in the house and the three of them begin to play. She is still one of the best darn cuddlers in bed and Sean loves that about her! I will have Sean help me to take some new pictures of her as she has gained more weight and her coat is looking so sleek now. She is VERY soft to touch, especially before Buster and Frost get their drool on her! Lady is a very smart Dane. It did not take her long to learn where her food bowl was, to wait for us to get a lead on her before going out, where the treats are etc. She is one of the very few dogs that I can say ‘go to your special spot’ and she will, without being asked twice. Every animal here has their own ‘special’ and ‘safe’ spot that is theirs alone and hers is in the ensuite right by the tub in front of a wall of windows on a huge pile of dog blankets on top of a dog bed. Sean keeps saying that she is an amazing dog and that someone is going to be very lucky to have her as part of their family. He is right that it will be very difficult to hug her and then let her go.