I thought I was going to have to let Frost “T” go last Saturday for he was just not improving very much. I then agreed to try a different med and I found out yesterday that the one med that he was put on for the last 2 weeks was one that could cause a reaction with his some of his other regular meds of which he is on 5 for his heart and one for chronic diarrhoea! To put it mildly, I was positively not happy. I almost LET him go on Saturday as he was doing so poorly and to think that being given something for him that was making him that much worse and not better and would have cost him his life; is really upsetting to say the least. Frost “T” will have to undergo some tests on his heart etc. to see what/if any damage has been caused. He is eating a bit more now but is almost 15 pounds down from what he was. We can only hope that he WILL bounce back after this mess up. It will be one year on December 23rd since he began this incredible journey of survival and I am wishing that he has the fight/will to be here with us.