After some more discussion with this one temp foster home, we are going to place BHRR's Apollo with them instead of BHRR's Benjamin. For a variety of reasons, including that BHRR's Apollo has had more training as he has been here at BHRR longer plus he no longer requires a crate.

We both believe that the age plus energy level of BHRR's Benjamin would be a better fit for their curent Dane in some ways yet with BHRR's Ava Marie having been adopted, BHRR's Apollo has been a bit lonely(I KNOW! Hard to believe at BHRR) and he is just now starting to become super fast friends with BHRR's Holden. Perhaps, while he will be providing amazing company and exercise to their current Dane; in turn, perhaps; she might make his step become a bit lighter again AND for sure; she is going to exercise him in turn.

AND BHRR's Apollo is much more settled with cats than BHRR's Benjamin. He is good with them yet can still be a bit curious.

BHRR's Apollo has been up for adoption longer and moving to a bigger place will give him more exposure to the public as well. 😉 We know that right matched home is out there for him….they just have not found him yet. 🙂

BHRR's Benjamin has many fast friends here and has not been going through an adjustment with one of his beds buds having been adopted and we are going to see how it works out. BHRR's Apollo shall go to his temp foster home on Friday July 15th! 🙂