BHRR's Beau & BHRR's Rain had a good first night. I am typing this update at almost 2 AM on Tuesday the 12th! I worked on their manners and both have a nice solid sit for sure! Treats help…. 😉 I brought both of them to work with me and when I walked into the door; I told everyone to just passively ignore them and gave out bits of hotdog for people to hand out. BHRR's Rain had a bit of barking yet settled down and it was not long before both were quite comfortable and settled.

They were AWESOME in the back run and BHRR's Rain had some submissive peeing when I was trying to weigh her or when a few people were giving her treats.

The only other time that she barked and then got BHRR's Beau to bark was one time that I took them outside and they saw strangers walking by on the sidewalk and then one person who was arriving at KAH with their own Beagle pup. They really wanted to play with the pup.

With every new person they met after that, there was no barking, more confident and comfortable body posture and tons of happy tail wagging, especially from BHRR's Rain. BHRR's Beau 'feeds' of her and she is more high strung and energy filled. He is much more relaxed and accepting yet when she is on 'alert', he goes on alert and with his 'stand back and size up the situation' comfort zone, a treat is all that is needed to make him relax.

The 360 these two have taken in less than 24 hours is AWESOME! They traveled great in the car and they were a bit unsure when I took them out of the car and loud noises make them slink a bit yet I passively ignored, gave them a calming word and we moved forward as if it was no big deal.

ALL the staff at KAH was AMAZING! As I fed treats, we were able to give both their Rabies and DAPP shots plus microchip them. The Vet was able to listen to their hearts and lungs and she and I were even able to look at teeth plus BHRR's Beau's eyes; one eye more than the other was quite red and as of this AM, lots of discharge, more than last night. Between the two of us, we were even able to get the ointment into his eyes! WOOHOO!

LOTS of treats, praise and passing of the puppies to all!

I have posted on our BHRR FaceBook FAN Page; a request to our BHRR Volunteers and friends re: some dates and times for them to consider so that I could perhaps drop by for an hour with them and have more people meet them, give them treats and learn that stranger danger is nothing to fret about and that the hands that touch them are kind. Please email!

They were very respectful when others asked them to sit and everything they did that was appropriate was filled with praise and treats and anything inappropriate was corrected with a matter-of-fact tone of authority and then passively ignored.

They have not had an accident in the house and tonight, I shall move them to a colossal crate for this sleep for more space and room and then as of tonight's sleepie, separate crates.

BHRR's Beau is actually more adventurous than BHRR's Rain and she is very rough in her play; I witnessed that first hand when I went to pick them up and so, she needs to learn manners. She needs to be corrected with such rough play yet interesting to note, that when she wants to get in on the play, especially between BHRR's Broker and Caffrey, she is not happy that they get rough back with her. She does not like getting her own medicine back and having others call the shots yet she is much calmer already with myself and Sean stepping up to take control of the leader roles here.

Both love kids and all dogs and both have huge diluted pees when they do go and we shall monitor.

Both were given a tube of Revolution and I have Panacur to de-worm them.

We shall do their bw(we wanted to ensure this visit was all positive for them and no restraining or situation where they might panic was created); nails and to shave those matts when they are under sedation for their altering on the 19th of July. I will continue to work on being able to handle them to brush out what dead hair that I can until then. They are blowing a ton of hair and have puppy coats that are trying to shed, winter coat and just that being kept outside tough coat that we need to now shed. With their hair type, they need regular grooming to stay on top of it.

I am very tempted to bring both to the Microchip Clinic with how much forward direction both have taken YET I might wait until TAKE THE PLUNGE to give them another 6 days.

BHRR's Rain's weight was a thin 30.2 KGs(66.44 pounds)
BHRR's Beau's weight was a thin 35.9 KGs(78.98 pounds)

With the leaps and bounds they have made in less than 24 hours; I am still very confident about BHRR's Rain's progress and as I have begun some separation from her with BHRR's Beau's; feeling so much more comfortable about his own rehab. She truly 'feeds' him and both need to learn to be calm and confident in their own right and she needs direction and manners with affection and he needs direction and time to get some attention on his own terms. 🙂

Will update more and take more pictures as I can. This week is a busy one with our upcoming 4th ANNUAL BHRR Microchip/Nail Trim & BBQ Fundraiser on Sunday July 17th! Anytime between 8 AM – 4 PM and RAIN OR SHINE! This is the largest Microchip Fundraiser in Canada!!!