BHRR’s Chester(Newf/Saint) was at the Vet for his own recheck plus boosters apt. on February 2nd.
He wants to shout out a big THANK you to Brian Element for being his special Secret Santa – the DOG bed is very much appreciated and enjoyed! 
Mr. Chester also wishes to thank his 2022 Collar Angel, Hazel Tal! On Wednesday his foster Mama was given the collar, and they say that it suits him! 
Mr. Chester, 5 months of age, now weighs 48.5 kgs(106.7 pounds).
As he continues to age/grow, you can see more and more how weak plus poor his hind end is.  The bunny hopping, the glaring signs of HD, and we have been informed how hard it is for him to even do a couple of stairs.
SO, his sedation for x-rays(5 views) of hips, knees will be done along with dental x-rays for that mouth on Thursday, February 24th.
It is Gwenne’s day off yet, she is going in to work as the tech with his one Vet – they have been on his case since before we even brought him into our rescue and were conversing with the shelter as we prepared behind the scenes for his arrival.
All of us are feeling pretty grim about what we are going to find, yet, this is the next step and from there will send off the x-rays to ortho specialist Dr. Philibert and also to the DMV in Montreal. We want to cover all options – as we did with BHRR’s Olive and so many others over the past 25+ years.
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