BHRR’s Dean was at the Vet yesterday for his annual.
He is now 62 kgs(136.40 pounds). The muscle that this boy now packs is fantastic. He has filled out to be bulkier than we anticipated that he would as he rehabilitated, and he is looking great!
He remained incredibly brave and with the assistance of some trazodone to de-stress his anxiety, let the Vet look at his eyes, ears, in his mouth without any issues. We are all for making animals feel comfortable plus safe, and not setting them up for failure.
His heart plus lungs sound great, and though his partial tail amputation last year had many post-op complications, and it does not look ‘pretty’, he is no longer causing the level of trauma to it that it once had.

The only thing that he disagreed with was his having his nails done, and yet overall from when he first arrived to now, he has improved. GOOD boy!

He is now quite frosted and is 6.5 years young.
So distinguished and THANK you to his Secret Santa – Alison Skitt for his gorgeous collar. We have another BHRR doggie – Granite whose collar angel – Ashley Barber also bought Mr. Granite the same collar. Great taste!!!

Mr. Chester was also at the Vet yesterday and we will make another post regarding: that handsome young man.