Miss Rosie was at the Vet for her final boosters and another recheck on February 16th.
Plus to pick up more Thyrotabs for her.
She is NOW 36.8 kgs(80.96 pounds). WTG!!!!
Getting there, slow but sure!
AND the exciting news is that where it once was thought that she may never have new hair regrowth in most areas of her body, she is growing new hair!!!!
She is a beautiful gal, regardless yet, how wonderful! 
She remains on fish-based food, a strict intake of calories, very limited treats – she deserves some too!, proper exercise – she can now keep up with our IS, Masons’ GSP, and Mr. Romeo. ? PLUS, no shortage of love! She runs for hours.
She also has her special medicated shampoo to help with her ever-decreasing flaky skin.
A great combination for success!
We will be taking some pics this weekend and she will then be ready to make her own special announcement.
She will be sorely missed when her right-matched personality fit home comes along. She has been a total hoot!