Sooooooooooo my last post of my night….

We are moving BHRR’s Percival under a PENDING ADOPTION!

AND before we become flooded with calls, emails and texts, no we remain not approving any adoptions until at least June.

Additionally, we are not accepting to review any other completed applications to consider for approved adoptions until at least June.

As we have posted several times over on facebook, on our websites including PetFinder and have explained many times on the phone to those that now state that they have ‘all of this time on their hands’ and want to adopt; we do not feel that this is the proper time for people to adopt that suddenly have time on their hands when they did not before.

We also remain practising safe social distancing.

The reason why we are moving slowly on this particular application – received back in April yet, we have been in discussion for so much longer than that – for BHRR’s Percival is that this home has taken the time to get to know BHRR, what we do, why we are needed, what we represent etc. and in turn, over time, we have also come to get to know them.

This is not a home that is a stranger to BHRR/us. This is not a home that suddenly has time on their hands and wishes to adopt. This is not a home that does not understand the lifetime commitment that each animal deserves to have. This is not a home that does not understand the extensive medical and food bills that BHRR’s Percival shall require. This is not a home that has not read in depth BHRR’s Percival’s story. They have followed his journey since Day 1. They understand that he is not perfect, that he is only perfect in his imperfections and they want to assist him in helping him reach his full potential, which he has a mountain of! 

This is a home that has has been front and present and full of honesty and openness and members of the BHRR BOD have discussed this particular situation/home and we feel 100% comfortable in proceeding further with their application.

Yes, sometimes there can be extremely rare grey area’s to some circumstances and this is a unique situation that we are sincerely looking forward in proceeding further with.

On that amazing note, from our home to all of our friends, family and supporters thank you for all that you have done and do for the animals of BHRR and we wish you the warmest of good night wishes!

We shall update on BHRR’s Percival’s status as we can!