BHRR’s Miss Volt!

She also had her own surgery, a long awaited one on Tuesday May 19th, 2020.

It is so hard to believe, utterly bittersweet too that her own incredibly amazing miraculous journey with us shall be ending as we finally near the last stages of her own successful rehabilitation.

This was the adorable Rottie puppy that had been electrocuted in her previous home, left without treatment for days, finally bought into an emergency hospital and then was surrendered to BHRR.

While many wanted to see her put to sleep, our special needs rescue & our fantastic village surrounded her with all that she needed to get better. The BHRR ‘CHAIN OF SUCCESS’ was strong for her and she has thrived!

She required multiple surgeries on her mouth and from the first day that she came into my loving hands, I noted that she also had a vulva conformity issue.

That took many months of its own treatment for infections, then waiting so patiently for her to come into heat per the recommendation of her specialist, Dr. Philibert to then having to wait for her uterus to go back to a more normal size, dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic etc….to finally being able to have this surgery which was to also address the two broken incisors she had.

On Tuesday, we also did pre-op blood work as we feel that this is incredibly important to do to be properly proactive with our care of the animals we are entrusted with. Part of the important blood work we did was to also do a screening for tick borne disease and heartworm exposure.

Despite having all of our dogs on year round preventative and doing the Lymes vaccine, nothing is 100% and sure enough, Miss Volt turned up Lymes positive. 

From there, we sent off blood for a further test – almost $155 – to IDEXX – for a Quant 6 to check her levels. Those results are now in and her level was 29. Per her Vet, she does not require treatment.

As is also the case with BHRR’s Miss Mollie – another Lymes positive dog in our program – to whomever is approved as her right matched personality fit forever loving home, a yearly heartworm/tick borne disease test shall need to be done with the understanding that she shall always show up positive for Lymes. As she will always show up positive for Lymes, a Quant 6 test shall have to be being sent to the lab to test her levels.

Equally important is for her to remain on preventative year round. As long as her results remain at a certain level and/or she remains asymptomatic, she does not require treatment.

On Tuesday, she received the vaccines that she was due for, I microchipped her, gave her a manicure/pedicure – she is great to do this at any given time! – and the surgeon checked her mouth and could not find any broken incisors to remove.

Miss Volt weighed a lean trim solid muscled 33.1 kgs(72.82 pounds)! A wee gorgeous package of love!

She remains a HUGE hit with all that she meets, loves all people and animals and is recovering well in our home from her big spay. 

Once she is healed, she can finally make her own special announcement.

She has remained a popular inquiry for many and we stand firm that we are not taking on any completed applications to review until at least June.

We have worked so hard to keep her blog up to date and for any one interested, all they need to do is read the thorough blog plus our adoptions policies, processes and procedures. So many emails about her that are readily answered if one just takes a bit of time to read her detailed blog. 

As also mentioned, our bills on Tuesday between both BHRR’s Walter and Miss Volt came to just under $2,500 and we have more special needs giants requiring their own specialist surgeries.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has made it beyond a nightmare for r/q groups and the struggle for Rescue survival is a big reality….. 

We have been around almost 24.5 years and this is not how we wish things to end due to a pandemic.

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