BHRR’s Miss Mollie!
~15 month old Standard Poodle/Saint BernardX


Unfortunately, the person who was to do her professional photo’s is down with the flu – Feel Better Soon! – and we do not wish to delay Miss Mollie making her special announcement any longer! So…..candid picture it is!

This girl is positively da bomb! She is super social, playful – she does like to play rough and that is her play style. As she has had proper manners taught to her plus receiving appropriate mental/physical stimulation, she is understanding better that not all dogs like to rough house yet for her, that is her preferred way of playing.

She has also has had to learn that when other dogs have had enough playing her way, to let them be. She can still be persistent in wanting them to continue playing yet positively corrects beautifully.

She is a giant puppy in her playing yet, when we are out and about in public, her manners are impeccable from leash to obedience. She will stand or sit or even lay down patiently and calmly while I am talking to people or buying things etc.

She is very quiet overall. She does get excited when I come home, first get up or at feeding time yet, I have no complaints with her adorable sounds or the occasional bark.

She is crate trained and is excellent to wash, brush and do ears plus nails.

She has minimal anxiety these days when she comes to work with me – the day of her grooming, no one knew she was even there she was so quiet! – and zero when we leave the home.

Extremely proud of this stunning beauty!

In that right matched personality fit home, she shall continue to receive all of the positive balanced reinforcement, attention and stimulation that she requires to continue to thrive.

She will only go to a home that is very dog experienced – not necessarily experienced with Standard Poodles or Saint Bernards – yet, very dog experienced. This means having owned way more than one or two Dogs in ones past.

She is brilliant and beautiful and she can go to a home that works full time, part time, works from home or is retired or semi-retired. Another amazing versatile BHRR dog!

She will not go to a home that will not help her reach her full potential. This girl needs a ‘job’. She is not high energy, she is just so wonderfully intelligent with a WOW personality that has many gifts to share with others.

She is low maintenance to us in our home yet, to some she could feel like a lot of dog. She has a lot of amazing personality!

She is strong and that has nothing to do with being dominant. She is a thinker and can be both independent and delightfully dependent as we have taught her to feel comfortable on her own four feet and with herself.

She can go to a home with children no less than 13 and as much as we would love to see her in a home with at least one right matched personality fit dog, we would consider her being an only dog as long as said home had a strong doggie network in place for her. She is so social with both people and dogs.

Re: cats, she has not had any issues with the clinic cat where I am presently working yet, she is still very young and a cat could perhaps feel a bit overwhelmed should Miss Mollie want to play rough. Miss Mollie has never hurt anything during her time with us. She just throws herself right into play and can forget how strong or big she is.

Quite the contrast when she is not playing. She is then a model lady! Genteel and perfect.

Even Sean has reluctantly come over to the ‘dark’ side of thinking poodles are not so bad after all. He will deny it in public though! 

Thank you’s once more are sent to Groomingdale’s in Stittsville for helping her to look her best. She is just gorgeous. That right matched forever loving home will stay on top of her grooming needs so that she is always looking her best!

For anyone interested in being considered for her, please do read her thorough detailed individual blog – she will need a Quant 6 blood test in the spring per said blog as a reminder – plus our adoption processes, policies and procedures prior to submitting an application to the members of the BHRR BOD.

She is such a ham! You did it Miss Mollie! You did it!