This is ~3 year old Fred

A blue male GD that was rescued earlier this year from a northern Ontario First Nation’s community

He was adopted out by another rescue – the home that was fostering for them.

Recently, he snapped at their adult daughter who was on the couch with him – did not puncture or break skin, yet, caused bruising plus swelling.

They do not wish to keep him any longer and are nervous of him.

The rescue has reached out to us asking if we can assist.

I have been working 6/7 days a week – on track for my next pay period to be 112 hours right now – to get BHRR’s doors re-opened for intake.

With my own work schedule AND with the kindness of several others that have made incredibly generous donations to also try to get our doors re-opened, we are going to work on seeing if we can bring him into BHRR.

We are NOT out of the woods yet with our enormous unexpected Vet Bills yet we are close…..thanks to all that stood by our sides and believed in us!

His options are limited…..

He is ~120 pounds, good with people and dogs and cats and clearly needs to learn some manners plus boundaries. High value items like couches are something to be earned. They are not a right.

ETA: Sunday September 22nd.