We were not able to successfully close off on the references for the current application. 

BHRR’s Volt is once again Available for a PENDING Foster To ADOPT Home. SAID approved home MUST be within 2 hours of our location. 

Unfortunately, we were not able to successfully close off on this application submitted for her.

We remain patient as does she!

She is a WOW puppy and the future is truly her oyster! 

Once she has a heat per her specialist Dr. Philibert, he can better assess her vulva conformity issues and see how much, if any of a ‘nip and tuck’ she may need along with addressing her tooth – at least one that they see right now.

As it is a broken lower incisor, he and her two regular Vets have not been concerned in waiting to address it until it is time to spay her.

So, we remain hunkered down for that right matched forever loving temp foster to adopt home to find her! 

This picture is of her and one of my own fav humans at our recent June BHRR “EXPERIENCE” Mini Open House.