Another piece of my heart died tonight…..

BHRR’s Salem. 

From once terrified, confused, suffering and alone in a high kill pound to a bit shy to start yet, extremely loyal to a fault and deeply loving.

You are the dog that would have laid her life down for those that you trusted and adored.

There were no half measures with you. You were all in or out. One always knew where they stood with you. Such an honest dog. .

You also recognized insincerity in people in an instant. You easily knew who was a good person and who was not. Your stunning wise eyes did not just see into people’s souls, they read them.

Your heart, your beauty, your intelligence and BHRR events shall never be the same again knowing that you will not be there plunking yourself down in the ‘prime’ real estate parts – front door and cash – to get the maximum number of belly rubs possible! 

AND those high-fives! World champion high fiver! You expressed so much emotion in your high-fives.

You have been taken from us way too soon….7 years young is not near enough time to have made enough memories and for you to have had enough experiences of loving kind caring hands….not hurtful, abusive cruel ones.

As with all of our doggies lost to us; there are no words that will ever truly do you justice BHRR’s Salem.

You will be dearly missed and at least when it was your time to cross over you were held in my dear embrace, stroking your fur gently and telling you what a beautiful special girl you are. How cherished and sorry that I was that you would not have another sunrise or sunset……

Though, this was my first time back at KAH since I left on June 1st after 15+ years; I could not imagine not having had the people that have been there for you since Day 1 – me too! – by your side.

Thank you to my KAH heart family members of Dr. Adams and Chelsea who not only warmly welcomed me yet comforted me with words and yup, two hugs – right into my Gwennie bubble…..

RIP glorious lady Salem…..and as with all of our beloved animals, I will meet you in my dreams until we shall meet in person once more…..