~5 year old female Black Newf 
We are calling her BHRR’s Penelope! 

She is one of 12 Newf’s over the past 6 months that have been dumped by the same Breeder in a pound, one of them also tested heartworm positive. 

Transport is currently being worked on for next weekend and thank you to Megan for stepping up to be her temp foster. 

We will be beginning her vetting prior to transport – has some skin issues we are also looking into – and the rest of her Vetting once she arrives (first Vet visit is booked for July 29th) and we scheduled a pampered spa session with Melissa at Groomingdale’s PV Stittsville for August 2nd. 

Cannot imagine her coat after ~5 years of improper care. 

Thank you from our hearts to Lucy for asking us to assist, working so hard on her/others transport and for Jane/Tamee of Just Paws Rescue for also helping to get her to us safely!