We still have not received that right match application for Snowball. We have received a couple of applications that initially looked good yet upon further emailing, it became clear that these homes were not really aware of what Snowball truly needs. People need to understand that yes, she is a Great Dane but she is also very much, if not more of a Border Collie personality and is not a ‘couch’ potato and requires a home that is going to keep her stimulated mentally and physically. She is not a dog you can only walk on a leash(not that we are in agreement with those type of homes); she needs a properly fenced in yard(sizeable) and is also very sensitive to her environment and needs the ‘right’ touch in continuing her obedience and other training. She has come a long way in her ‘touch’, ‘vibration'(not shock collars or vibration collars but using floor and door banging vibrations etc.) and in learning more signs. As mentioned, we will keep her up for adoption for a few more months and then if the right home still has not come along; she will remain with us as one of our own.