I have received a couple of emails from people expressing concern that Arlo was placed without Samson. The reality is that while Arlo might be 8 years old, Arlo is a very ‘young’ 8. He could rival a lot of three year old Danes I have see. He is far too energetic for Samson. While Arlo did derive a lot of confidence from Samson when he first arrived, we have worked hard with Arlo so that that he had the confidence to know that he could stand on his own two feet. Once Arlo began interacting with a lot of the other dogs, many of them younger than him; he was in his glory and we know that Samson felt less pressure. For Samson, what he loves best is his short walks, lots of tummy scratching, loving and lying in front of the blazing fireplace. AND of course, eating! Samson is not meant for a home with young dogs, those mentally or physically. He does like the hustle and bustle of a busy home and that keeps his mind sharp and him stimulated yet he would not do well in a home that has other dogs that want to romp, play roughly, jump or run. He has taken on the role as ‘official BHRR greeting’ and takes all the new Rescues under his wings. Utterly fascinating. Samson is what I call a ‘rock’. Solid, dependable, confident and so incredible beautiful with his greying face!