BHRR's Apollo is now booked for a time on February 9th at CWW AND another approved BHRR Volunteer has reserved a 'date' with BHRR's Apollo for Saturday February 26th to take him to CWW! Just waiting to confirm a time for that day. YAY! For BHRR's Apollo. Below are two pictures from his December 29th, 2010 session that I took him to. As mentioned in a previous blog or two, I am going to book him in for sessions here and there until he is adopted as he LOVES the water, the attention, the special loving from all and it is only going to provide additional benefit(our pool and spring fed pond are obviously closed for the winter! LOL) to his knee/leg. He is ready for his forever loving home, much to the dismay of many that wanted Sean/I to keep BHRR's Apollo as one of our own! BUT, he does not need us any longer and we need to continue to adopt out those that no longer need us to continue to help those that do. 🙂 I am just going to well up when it is time to hug him and let him go to his new forever loving home BUT the good news is that in having had almost 310 adoptions, almost all those homes are in regular contact with BHRR and remain happily part of the BHRR extended family….so, it is not a forever good-bye, it is a new beginning for him and we cannot wait to watch him continuet to flourish(he will make a great therapy dog!) in his great loving forever home!

This boy is POPULAR yet sadly, the right matched personality fit inquiry/application has not yet come in for him. One person even wanted to know if it would be really expensive to dye him lilac as they felt it would be a great colour to match his black muzzle!!!! Needless, to say, that was one inquiry we declined to proceed further with.


BHRR's Apollo at CWW – December 29th, 2010 – HE LOVES it & Jen/Lianne LOVE him!