This is how special Brazilian Dane Baby Jackson is….

The BBBBB that is with him was once known a D211 – Dane #211. Yup…just a number to track how much money was made off the babiesthey forced her to pump out. 

She is safe now and while D211 was her identity to her horrific puppymillers, to us we have called her *BHRR’s Gem*. For she is one…precious and valuable.

Terrified, not even 100 pounds, covered in wounds – you can even see some of them along her side, chest and neck, oozing infection, horrible overgrown nails plus riddled with parasites (we will post more on her story on our Facebook page shortly). We will share with everyone just how special this girl is and that Brazilian Dane Baby Jackson knew instantly how special she was….for he is super special himself!

Terrified and ranging from catatonic to major flight mode, Brazilian Dane Baby Jackson has not left her side since I made the 20 hour round trip toassist in this bust and then took her home with me as she needs us so badly right now….AND after two days, she finally rested. He is her GuardianDane and he is going to help her heal a lot…..

Brazilian Dane Baby Jackson wishes all a good night…..he is so fabu!