BHRR's Porridge was one of three dogs that I brought to our last regular GD & Honourary GD Walk/Hike! We had at least 20 people plus all their wonderful canines! We can be as few as 6 at times and we have had as many as 40+ in attendance and our distribution list for these walks are now up to almost 100!!! For anyone wishing to join us; please email and we only take responsible dog owners and their dogs. In having held these walks for almost 15 years now; we have never had an incident and we are all very diligent, committed owners and there is always room for more. Nothing like seeing all of these Giants and 'honourary' giants out and about. We also regularly change up the locations so that we have different venues.  We have meet ups in areas such as Orleans, Ottawa, Kanata, Sittesville, Constance Bay, Carleton Place and even in the Kemptville area. We have another group that regularly meets up on the Brockville and Kingston areas too! Our next planned walk is on December 12th. 🙂

I am attaching a photo below of some of us that attended that day. Several had to leave early and so we are about half of the group that actually were in attendance that day. BHRR's Porridge was a huge hit as always and he was Mr. Friendly and Gentle as usual.  AND this walk provided an excellent opportunity to provide educational awareness re: what I call the 'pillars' or responsible/quality breeding of which dogs are bred for temperament, health, conformation and longevity. It also gave us the chance to talk about rescue in general plus some of the BHRR animals up for adoption, what BHRR does etc. AND the walk provided an excellent venue to train and socialise for/with my dogs! Our youngest dog was not yet 16 weeks – my Sir Maestro and the oldest was 19 years old – Jingles, the deaf beagle that belongs to a friend!

BHRR's Porridge is another 'walking' miracle for his lifespan was estimated to be around 18 months and he shall be celebrating 3 years of incredible living come the end of March! WOOHOO! YOU GO BHRR's Porridge. 🙂

Photo courtesy of C. Desjardins – Sunday November 14th, 2010