BHRR's Apollo shall be going with one of our BHRR Approved Volunteers on Saturday November 27th for his 3rd of 5 extra CWW Sessions in what we have called 'round 2' with his rehab. We will be doing his last 2 in December and from there evaluating (AND things look good!) as to whether he shall be ready to be placed up for adoption! Exciting times yet also I am a bit sad for like so many others, the journey that BHRR's Apollo has taken me on has been one of amazing lessons plus I have met and been touched by so many incredible 'angels' reaching out in their efforts to assist us in making BHRR's Apollo the best healthy dog that he can be!

To learn more about how to become a BHRR approved Volunteer; please visit our Foster/Volunteer Section.

Today, BHRR was also contacted to see if we would be participants along with BHRR's Apollo at Canine Water Wellness within the next couple of weeks at their locale when Regional Contact shall be filming. Will post day/time for our BHRR approved Volunteers to consider should they be interested in attending that day! This is a great Media & Commnuity Opportunity for BHRR!