BHRR’s Ani, one of our BBBBB’s was our third Dane at the Vet today!

She is one of our treasured BHRR Haven Dogs. Photo below is not the best…..sorry!

She had her latest surgery for her fibromatous epulides of the periodontal ligament today. It was noted that she now has three growths. She had two in 2015.

These are benign tumours. We had a histio/pathology done on them in 2015 to diagnose what exactly we were looking at.

It was also noted that one fibromatous epulides is growing into her palate. However, her Vet was not overly worried right now.

Her Vet cauterized the fibromatous epulides back and then cauterized them to stop them from bleeding. These are extremely vascular.

I had a detailed conversation re: BHRR’s Ani’s quality of life and was assured that she is a happy, healthy Great Dane and that continuing to address these fibromatous epulides surgically as needed is not a problem at this time. I was assured that her QOL with us is top notch and not to stress.

BHRR’s Ani is a lean muscled almost 95 pounds and is eating well, quite affectionate and can be quite playful when she wants to be. She will be 6 this summer.

She received many compliments by her Vet today! What is not to love?!