WOW! What a day 1 at PV Stittsville for our 2nd Community Education plus Public Awareness Event of 2016!

BHRR’s Baby Kaos now says – ‘time for a relaxing evening of immense comfort at home’ grin emoticon BHRR’s Ani is flaked out behind BHRR’s Baby Kaos!

My heart is still soaring. my hands are still trembling and my knees are still feeling weak in learning today what was raised for the animals in need of our programs at BHRR!

I want to express to each and every Volunteer, to each and every staff member at PV Stittsville, to Manon of Groomindale’s who donated the nail trims she also did today our way, and to each and every caring, giving and wonderful visitor that came out to visit us, HOW much in thanks that I am filled with!

Thanks also must be shouted out to our fabu photography Melissa of Bella Photography!

I am extremely grateful plus appreciative!

A grand total of $818.00 was raised in Day 1 at PV Stittsville today!!! Oh my! Just oh my word….heart-warming….so so so heart-warming!

Aaron, Cherie, Serena, Kinsley, Sean, Dawn, Doogie and Margaret, thank you for giving up what was a truly tremendous weather day today to spend it helping out!

There were times that we were literally all hands on deck with people waiting patiently in the wings for nails, ears, dog washing and microchipping…..

A truly special moment for me today was with a terribly nervous Staffie. Stella was incredibly nervous about her nails and we gave her a positive experience and then her Mom came back and wanted us to microchip her and with how we had set-up Stella for success when her nails had been done, she was a rock star for her chip and took yummy treats from me afterwards.  A really special hi-light for me!

We had people that came to visit specifically with each of the BHRR dogs we brought and we shall see if an application comes our way!

Tomorrow, we are back for Day 2 and BHRR’s Hercules shall be joining us. Should there be another BHRR approved Volunteer that can attend tomorrow, let me know for then we can bring a second BHRR doggie!

Tomorrow, Sunday, we shall be doing more microchips, nails, ear cleanings, dog washes and will have home-made baked goodies plus some merchandise for sale again!

A truly beautiful day had today ……lots of laughs, the best cupcakes ever!, and to see friends come together in the name of animal welfare and to meet so many new supporters of BHRR, made the day an emotional one for me!!

Thank you everyone!!!