This is the second BHRR beauty that had her annual today at KAH. BHRR’s Angel Noelle AKA my spoiled ‘rotten baby’! Today, she weighed a quite plump 22.4 KGS(49.28 pounds). While, I know she is still young and shall do some filling out, that is way too much for her. She is significantly up from last year, regardless if she is still growing/maturing some. She was just over 17 Kgs last year. I would like to see her lose about 2.5 kgs to start.
So, in conversing with her wonderful approved temp foster mom, I learned that though kibble portions were great, a bit more treats than we would like to see had been going into BHRR’s Angel Noelle. So, a lot less treats, and, more praise shall be heading this wee delights way moving forward!
She traveled great in the car, was fantastic until we hit the exam room and, then, she was FABU for all of about ten minutes and, as soon as it was vaccine time, the first one, super trooper…..the second one, the wiggles started…..
By the time it came to doing her Heartworm test, it was all hands on deck for the wiggle monkey!
Her heart and lungs are a thumbs up! Her healthy soft coat received two thumbs up and, she sure charmed all with those eyes of hers, if the number of treats that headed her way was any indication…..I am giving praise and, her kind Vet is giving her treats….
She is going to be staying back with me until the end of March now as her lovely approved temp foster home is headed south for the March Break plus.
We will work on the exercise and food/treat balance.
Her leg amputation site looks great and, she remains available for adoption to that right matched forever loving home.
She has continued to garner interest yet, the wrong kind. She is more than capable(we reside on almost 148 acres) of playing, walking and yes, she runs very well plus does stairs….BUT, we reside on sand and grass and, have lots of snow right now.
She is not meant to pound the pavement and, she will not go to a home that will make her move on pavement for any extended period of time. That is way too hard on her.
You give her sand and grass and snow and, then just watch her go!
She is not meant to be placed in a glass bubble yet, at the same time, I do not want her poor body ruined as someone wanted to walk her on pavement 5 km’s or more each day. Her heart is so big, that she would do anything her loved ones asked of her, regardless of how it would ruin her body….
When I am out hacking for a short bit on the property, this incredible girl comes with me….she is fit(well, a little less right now with some pudge!), active and, healthy. She needs the right foundation to walk and run on.
I cannot believe that she remains up for adoption yet, we are patient and, she lacks for nothing as she has a great big special fan club and, many friends!
This photo is after her busy day!!