This is the first of two posts for two BHRR beauties that had their annual at KAH today!
BHRR’s Bloom AKA BOOM BOOM weighed a perfect 36.8 kgs(80.96 pounds)! She has lost quite a bit of weight over this past year and, is looking awesome! Last year at this time, she was actually over 40 KGs….ouch!
The Vet loved her gorgeous shiny blue coat, how friendly she was and, that she was quite the character from laying on her back with four feet in the air while on the weight scale to, practically sitting on my lap in the waiting room and, being a ham in the exam room.
Her heart and lungs sound great and, she was fantastic with her vaccines and only some minor wiggling with her Heartworm test.
Her leg that had surgery for radius curvus syndrome remains strong and, solid!
She has a bit of tartar on her teeth, nothing significant and, she made me so proud of her manners!!
She remains available for adoption to that right matched forever loving home! She needs not necessarily a Dane experienced home, yet, she needs a very experienced dog home that will be patient, consistent, keep on their toes to not be manipulated by the charm of this brilliant dog for she knows what she wants and, she will work her magic to get it…..
While not as high maintenance as she once was, she does best with a job like obedience and, the expression that training never ends, is so applied to her.
She travels fantastic in the car and, only very small sounds here and there of excitement made.
I love this dog so much and, we accept that she may be with us for her whole life for she is a larger than life dog and, we never want to see anyone lose the patience for she will keep you on your toes from sun up to sundown!
I admire her that while she trusts and respects me and, listens great that this does not stop her from testing me each and every day to see what she can get away with for that day.
You cannot give her one inch yet, this girl gives you everything she is, in everything she does and, that backbone has helped her be a survivor prior to being rescued….
While others many overlook you, stunning girl as you are small and, not the best in conformation, all of your fans and friends think you truly are THE BOOM BOOM BOMB and adore you!
We want you and, we will always be your number one fans!