Tonight’s Bedtime story……
Once upon a time there was this GD named BHRR’s Kaden, and, he had a HUGE fetish for human pillows…..(evidence posted in one of our albums!). AND, only my pillows! I have to pick them up each morning.
I think one handsome merle dude discovered a whole new pleasure!
BHRR’s Kaden’s new record is 3 Costco dog beds in a few hours
AND, I should have known something was up for HQD was sitting right in front of him, just almost ‘daring’ me to blame him for the bed guts all over the bedroom and ensuite. I think I am going to be finding stuffing for some time to come!
Who would have guessed all the different colours of stuffing to be found in any given Costco dog bed.
Now, I do not blame BHRR’s Kaden, I want to have a chat with whomever decided to open up his crate while I was out and, let him do his thing…..
I know that my PPSS could and would open crates yet, with his very sad passing in August of 2014(I miss him so much….), we have not had to use as many carabeeners on crates…..
As I am standing in the master bedroom looking around – it is 240 square feet and the ensuite is 243 square feet – marvelling at just how far bedding can go, I hear a crate open behind me….I turn and, it is BHRR’s Ivy!!!!
She was letting out BHRR’s Bishop who was sitting so patiently and, nicely waiting to be freed!
That monkey! I swear she is related to BHRR’s Dana….with all that I am….those two are so like!
So, one mystery solved as to who was opening the crates yet, as I then, went to sit down and, have a conversation with BHRR’s Kaden about why we should not be destroying dog beds, this is the face he gave me….
His eyes are bloodshot as he is so exhausted from all of his fun! He had climbed up on the master bed and, was getting nicely settled in for a well earned sleepie!
NOW, is that a face, one could ever be wishing to scold?!
I whispered in his ear that we shall talk later and, let him go off to la-la land….
I mean being a Costco dog bed destroyer and, stuffing ‘scatter to the wind’ dog expert is a very tiring job!
AND, yes, HQD, once she realised that, all was fine, walks by me with head in air and, not a glance at me…..