BHRR's Hercules – Blue Male GD – ~4 years of age
*Owner Dump at Kill Shelter
*Obese – Was 75 Kgs(165 pounds) at Shelter Intake
January 12th, 2015 71.60 Kgs(157.52 pounds) upon arrival to BHRR 
*Untreated Broken Leg – Will Require A Leg Amputation – Per O. leg had been broken and, cast had not been put on correctly…..yet, clearly, *if* they did bring him in for the broken leg, they never brought him BACK in to get the cast issue resolved. 🙁

*Chronic pain from that untreated broken leg 
*Severe arthritis in that untreated broken leg
* Collapsed pasterns and splayed feet 
*Borderline Hypothyroid yet, has not required medications at this time and, may never – We did a T4(10) and a Free T4(9) – low normal
His Vet's Interpretation From The X-Rays We Did The Same Day He Arrived – Jan. 12th, 2015

"RF – Severe radius curvus and carpal valgus. Elbow joint is incongruent – there appear to be two radiolucent joint spaces? Suspect fracture of proximal radial growth plate. Severe osteophyte formation along the caudal olecranon and dorsal joint space. Severe osteophyte formation in the carpal joint."

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