When your 'big sis' is not around to cuddle and snuggle with, a handsome DDB Lion King MAKES a great pillow and snooze buddy!
BHRR's Timon – he is not doing so well himself these days with the terrible cold with his heart(breathing and leg) yet, he is determined to live each day with quality and appreciation of what it may bring! As long as he can keep fighting and is happy, not in pain etc., we are going to be there fighting right by his side!
A TRUE miracle! He was not expected to live past two weeks when he first arrived to BHRR on February 14th, 2013! He has not just beaten the odds, he has blown them right out of the ballpark and, smashed them to smithereens!
His Cardiologist and Vet Team are not just in awe, yet deeply inspired……
January 11th, 2015