Purse Puppy BHRR's Coco Chanel (BLIND) AND her new forever loving Mommy!
ADOPTED!!! January 12th, 2015
Our first adoption of 2015!
**She promised to send me a full family photo with Chanel's two new human siblings, her new Dad and, Canine 'big' sister!**
**It was in BHRR's Chanel's best interest to have her picked up from KAH again and, yup…I welled up!
Sean carried her to the car this AM(as if she did not have four capable legs) in his housecoat and slippers, with wetness on his cheeks…he says it was because of the falling snow!
We are so happy for all of them…this was a hard approved adoption in the letting go yet, we must….
We need to help the next one in need of us and, Purse Puppy Chanel YOU do not need us any longer!!!
So, looking forward to seeing how you ROCK your obedience classes (no matter how much obedience a dog receives at BHRR, we have a mandatory clause that all approved homes must go through a full round of classes) at the end of the month at FF. Highly recommend Cheryl Smith to so many!