BHRR’s Hercules was at KAH with me today. I picked up a last minute shift to help out a team-mate. 
He weighed 63.60 Kgs! When he arrived on January 12th, 2015 he weighed 71.60 KGs and that was down from the 75 Kgs when he was dumped at the kill shelter. 
Way to go!!! I need him to lose another 15-20 pounds before we can consider amputating that leg yet, if he leans down but also builds up in more muscle mass/tone, we would be on the shorter end on that weight loss.
He is developing some beautiful muscle in his body, especially hind end! His hair is starting to come in softer and be that gorgeous blue colour, not brown.
We gave him his final DAPP booster and I re-visited some marks he has on both sides of his rump(he does have one pimple) and, talked to the Vet about the happy tail injury he gave himself at our BHRR ‘EXPERIENCE’ mini open house on Sunday. frown emoticon
He is so happy and affectionate! We call him our Hubba Bubba Boy! smile emoticon
His posture is so much better as he is healthy and, his feet less splayed and collapsed in the pasterns and, his leg postioning is stronger with balance as he now has core strength appearing.
He is doing well with his SA and, still no cats or very small dogs in his future….way too interested!!
We are now working to figure out a special and creative Fundraiser so we can do his leg amputation……any ideas, throw them out!
As we were getting ready to leave KAH, I sat down in the car and wanted to get a new photo of him and, he smooched me and I him!
Wonderful boy….just so wonderful!!

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