This AM, I was so hoping to be able to sleep in, a rare treat and, then I feel my side of the bed dip down and, sounds of snuffling along with a very cold wet nose……

I roll over and, to my absolute delight and surprise, it is BHRR's Kaden!

It has taken how long for him to finally feel comfortable to climb up on the bed and not just ask for attention but 'demand'?!

Very very quietly and carefully, I reached over and grabbed my home to snap a photo of who is truly one of the softest Danes I have ever felt…..many of us who know him will agree!
We have made the decision that, he shall also become a Haven dog. This is where he feels safe, this is where his circle of success and chain of set up for success begins and, we always say 'should' that right match forever loving home find him, we would consider adopting out one of our Haven dogs.
He has had all the wrong folks interested in him.
To his family plus friends, he can be almost lethal in his affection – he also loves snuffling people's heads and, re-arranging their hair! In Sean's case, he is fascinated with his baldness…. smile emoticon
This is a boy that one can never rush…..when he is ready and feels you are not a threat, he will be one of your most loyal of friends. It is all about patience and trust and time with this super sensitive and gentle young man.
We had been thinking about this for awhile and, he will continue to mature and develop into the best dog he can be and, he shall do it with the strong foundation of support, encouragement, consistency, patience, structure and obedience that have seen him make huge strides and progress since his arrival.
Back on topic though, 'who' could ever resist this face and, so, my day began at 5 am, for snow romping and, rolling and, I could not think of a better way to spend my day!
Tomorrow, we shall do some more famous BHRR WinterWonderland Photo's and, Video!
We have another one of our well established(the oldest in the area!) and signature one of a kind BHRR & Friends GD & Honorary GD get togethers also planned! We have been hosting this for over 19 years now, never an incident as we are all responsible dog owners that believe in positive support, reinforcement and, we have such a blast in sharing, learning from each other and, spending time with other like minded folks! We are almost 200 amazing members on our email distribution list to date!
Happy Saturday to all and, as always, no matter what you are doing this weekend, may you be happy, safe and surrounded by loved ones. smile emoticon