Though, BHRR's Gretta's leg is healing beautifully, she is still refusing to use it. I have made an recheck appointment plus to have her sutures removed on Wednesday February 11th and, I have also, given them a heads up that I would like a referral form to CWW(Canine Water Wellness). Just as BHRR's Apollo, many years ago refused to do for behavioural reasons, BHRR's Gretta is doing the same thing. We need to 're-program' her and, to get new people on her team for set-up for success.

I left a voice message plus sent a message to CWW via their fb page, asking to have a referral form sent over to Liston Animal Hospital.

Below are two photo's from 1:21 AM on January 30th and, then the next two, below those, are from today of her leg.

IMG_6431 IMG_6432
Img_6506 Img_6507