BHRR's Stafford was in at KAH today for his recheck for his eyes. They are thumbs up! However, a few other things were discovered. 

His weight was way down to only 19 KGS, so advised his temp foster home to up his food per day by an extra cup. We want to see him between 19.8 to 20.5 Kgs. The day he was temp fostered he was 20.2 kgs.

Also, his feet have taken a hit on the salt/sand plus extreme cold in their area, and, so, he has some raw pads. He will have some anti-bacterial soap to clean them and, some Fuciderm cream to use.

Additionally, as this home does have two areas of carpeting(stairs and one room), he has been rubbing and rolling and, he has a flare-up going on with his skin. He will be washed again with his medicated shampoo. In conversing with his approved temp foster home, as, we do not have carpet here, and, they do, we both agree, that any future approved adoptive home, should not have carpet. With his seasonal and food allergies, it sounds like he reacts to things like dust mites and carpet fibres also. 

He LOVED seeing the girls' at KAH and, he had a good experience. If, his feet were great, I would have had the home get him a nail trim also. 

He still is having ZERO incontinent issues and, that is YAY! YAY! YAY! 

We are still on track for him to be placed up as 'Available For Adoption' in early to mid-March. Any future approved adoptive home is going to have to understand that he has those breed specific issues that will always be in the side wings, possibly ready to flare-up…..

Thank you to his approved temp foster home in really trying to do right by him and, loving him.