BHRR’s Salem – says ‘pssssst, come closer….no, closer still……’
She has a special announcement to make!
She is a Great Dane/Mastiffx and, 100% amazing!

Her CBC and Anaplasma PCR results are back and, she is negative for any infection for Anaplasma plus Lymes & Ehrlichia. She does have antibodies towards the Anaplasma which means that she did have exposure to it at one point where she came from YET, does not have it, NOR is she infected and,she is 100% perfectly healthy! 🙂

We would like to see her in a home that is not necessarily Dane or Mastiff experienced, yet, a home that is dog experienced. A home that is calm and has routine, consistency, patience and, time to continue to to keep building up her trust and confidence. When you win her over, she is so affectionate and loving. She is so calm, and gentle and, her obedience has come along fabulously!

She so badly wants to love and be loved and, she is wonderfully affectionate. She had another great BHRR ‘EXPERIENCE’ mini open house and, as long as there were not major fast and flighty movements, she did not startle and step away quickly. She is a ‘flight’ sort of dog in uncomfortable situations, not a fight.

Treats really help show her that, people are helping and caring, not hurtful AND, as I keep telling people, it is not about her taking the treat, it is about her being shown that a friendly, kind gesture is being done and, not mean or cruel.

We really do not know how she is with cats, yet, she had no major prey or fixated drive when she came with me to do a hv fairly recently. Integration shall be key.

She is fine to be an only dog in a home yet, as, I also say so often, it is important for her to have her own dog social network and friends. Just as we humans do, it is also important for dogs. It shall also continue to remind her to share and, keep up her great dog-to-dog communication and social skills. She resides in a large multi-dog household and, she is has been totally super. Yet, we have rules and, we are positive effective leaders in enforcing them.

She will NOT go to a home that believes in prongs or choke collars, the way outdated and, completely inappropriate cruel method of alpha rolling, a home that wants a guard dog or a status symbol. YOU will NOT be considered.

She can be in a home with older children – 8 and up. She has had NO problems with younger children yet, she is an ‘old soul’ gal in some ways and, we also want her to be the focus in the home, which can be done with older children. NOT too much attention that SA is created yet, just that right amount between her having enough time to keep loving her own company and, independence and, quiet down time and, yet, still be active with walks/hikes, visit friends and, she is great in the car! She came all the way from KY, USA and, does wonderfully in a vehicle.

She has had free run in our home, while we are out without any problems for some time yet, we do strongly believe in crate training AND, we cannot stress enough the importance of crate-training for if she was sick or injured and required crate rest, she would not stress and, would also not panic in a Vet setting. We also do not believe in any dog receiving too much freedom to start.

As with all of the dogs that are successfully rehabbed to the point of being placed up for adoption, we are not about being desperate to place them. We are all about putting each and, every dog into their right matched forever loving homes, each and, every time.

To know ALL about her journey, scroll to the bottom of her blog and, read from the bottom up, skipping over any fundraising posts. All of our adoption policies and procedures plus processes are also found on both our home website plus PetFinder website.