Flowers sent my way by The Lord Stafford for my Birthday!

Whomever is 'adopted' by this amazing wee giant is going to be one loved home! wink emoticon

Was talking to his approved temp foster mommy(she calls herself his foster auntie!) today, and, we have scheduled a recheck for his eyes tomorrow and, it shall be good to get a re-weigh on him now that he is in foster care and, the great news is that the Baytril is working! 
Those two micro-organisms from his prostate wash and culture are sensitive to Baytril and, so, hopefully by the beginning of March, he will have a very special announcement to make!
LOVE my Birthday Flowers my 'snort'!
AND, thank you to his ever kind, thoughtful and generous foster auntie for delivering them on his behalf – he is not old enough to drive yet and, he cannot reach the pedals!