Everyone together now….Jumping UP and DOWN…AND, Jumping UP higher and DOWN! 


BHRR's Maverick got the all thumbs up just now from his recheck and, he can now come off 'Medical Hold' and be made AVAILABLE for Adoption again! 

Today's bills $142.38

Receiving the Official News That He is Healthy Again: PRICELESS!

He is a big fav to many at KAH and, he will be missed….

He first began to suddenly reject the plate/screws in his right front leg on November 26th, 2014 and, it has been another long journey for him(this is his third leg surgery….)
NOW, we remain patient for that right matched forever loving home to find him….. smile emoticon 
If a smile could truly lighten up a room, mine would be lighting up a whole building right now!
Though, we still have over $6,000 in bills left to pay in his overall medical rehab, GOSH, I would not trade one hair on his head if it meant that he would have been pts over, us being able to assist him! 
YOU did it BHRR's Maverick!!! AGAIN!!!! 
Jumping up and down….up and down….. grin emoticon