Once again, so much to update! Things have been very busy around here to say the least. LT is now sporting a UPI (Unidentified Play Injury) wound from yesterday. I had them all outside playing and was even watching and I know that Soul and LT can play a bit rough and this time, Dyce who was feeling a bit better got in on the action yet could not see what actually happened. Soul and LT like to yank on each others collars and there were no sounds made and I am at a loss as to what really happened. Yet, now LT is missing the tip of his right ear, the same ear that had a tooth caught in it last November from his previous play antics with Luna and Soul. So, after three rolls of Vet wrap, surgical glue, gauze, compresses, a roll of tape, four pairs of underwear and a E-collar, things seem to be under control. Then the clean up of the blood bath from shaking head in my house over and over. 🙂 As a true testament to his great personality, he did not flinch, try to move away and only made one whimper while I cleaned him up etc. My 7 year old son was on hand and only had to hold him by the collar while I took care of LT. This is not something that can be stitched and it will take time to heal. Tips of ears and tips of tails are terrible things to try and heal with the shaking and movement the dogs can make. This boy just proves to me every day how absolutely amazing he is and I just love him more and more! I have him on pain meds and antibiotics(great to have such a great store of what I need at home) and LT should heal just fine. I wish I knew how it happened and I might decide to remove the one little piece still on his ear to make it a smooth edge yet for now, I will hold off. It will only be an aesthetic thing and I would not wish to put him under just for that. I am also going to get his Histiocytoma looked at again for it has changed shape somewhat and has gone from being virtually gone to having re-appeared. I am not overly concerned yet wish to remain proactive on his wellbeing. LT is a very special boy to so many and I will take some pics of him in his blue floral headpiece, e-collar and bandages to post. Other than his UPI, LT is doing wonderfully. He is very social, loves to play, can be quite the mischief maker and is excelling in his obedience.